Ableton Live Tutorial Sidechain Compression

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This Ableton Live tutorial, via DubSpot, takes an in-depth look at sidechain compression in Ableton Live:

Dubspot instructor and Ableton Live expert Steve Nalepa shows how to use the Compressor-Sidechain audio effect in Ableton Live.

Put simply, Sidechain Compression allows “different elements of your songs to essentially dance together.” Professor Nalepa starts by creating a simple dubstep drum pattern (kick and snare), adds a couple of synths which overpowered the drums, basically drowning the kick and snare. To remedy this imbalance, Nalepa select the synth tracks and grouped them together, and worked on the tracks/elements individually, reducing volume and adding effects.

The popular effect has been used by a number of unique electronic and dance music producers from Daft Punk and Justice to newer artists like Baths and Nosaj Thing extraordinary results.

Parts 2 & 3 of the sidechain compression tutorial below. Continue reading

Sidechain Compression In Ableton Live 8

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Sidechain Compression in Ableton Live 8

via AbletonInc:

Huston Singletary explains and demonstrates the popular “pumping and breathing” effect used on countless electronic and dance tracks. Live 8’s intuitive Compressor-Sidechain effect is explained and a custom preset is created in the studio showing the characteristics of this classic audio effect.

Sidechaining In Ableton Live

Here’s another cool Ableton Live tutorial by Tom Cosm. This video talks about interesting ways to use the sidechaining function in Ableton Live’s Compressor, Autofilter and Gate.

DJ Deadmau5 Is a Gear Head

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DJ and producer, Deadmau5 (Dead Mouse), talks tech with

It’s a bit ironic that he makes a point of saying he doesn’t like quantized beats aligned to a grid, and then reveals his “secret weapon” to be a Monome.

Overall, a good interview, with lots of geek gear talk.

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