Free Plugin ‘For Techno, House & Trance Producers’

free-vstNoisebud has released a free VST for Windows-based techno, house & trance producers, Lazy Kenneth:

Just in time for christmas we have this little spin off product ready, so go ahead and put it under your tree.

Lazy Kenneth will help those who don’t know how to use, or are too lazy to use sidechain to handle heavy basslines that collide with the bass drum in 4/4 music. That is music where you put a bass drum on all fours, techno, house, trance, minimal, tribal and so on. Put Lazy Kenneth on the bassline track and it will automatically duck the signal when the bass drum hits. You could place a LK on all tracks except the bass drum for some real heavy pumping effect.

It’s a free download at the Noisebud site.

Side Chain The Gate In Ableton Live

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This tutorial, via AfroDJMac,looks at side chaining the gate in Ableton Live:

Ableton Live‘s Gate effect is super useful for cutting out unwanted noises and cleaning up tracks.  Basically, the gate stays closed, preventing sound from passing through, until the volume reaches a certain threshold.  At that point the sound is allowed to pass through.  The gate then closes again when the volume drops below that threshold, silencing the audio.

By enabling the “Flip” button, you can have it behave the opposite way, only closing when the volume reaches a certain threshold.

Fortunately, the gate effect can also be sidechained to another audio signal.  So, once the other signal’s audio reaches a certain level, the gate will open.  This creates a whole world of sonic possibilities.

If you’ve got other ideas on using the gate as a creative effect, let us know!

Ableton Live Auto Sidechain Plugin

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Point Blank instructor and course developer Daniel Herbert has created a Max For Live custom auto sidechain plugin for use in Ableton Live.

In the video, Herbert explains how the free plugin works and how to set it up.

The auto sidechain plugin is available as a free download via their Facebook site (Facebook account required).

Ableton Live Tutorial – How To Use Sidechaining

This Ableton Live tutorial, by danny bonnici,  takes a look at how to use sidechaining.

Sidechaining In Ableton Live

Here’s another cool Ableton Live tutorial by Tom Cosm. This video talks about interesting ways to use the sidechaining function in Ableton Live’s Compressor, Autofilter and Gate.