ImproVox Turns Your iOS Device Into A Real-Time Vocal Effects Processor

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iPad Music Software: Museami ImproVox (App Store Link) is a new vocal instrument for iOS.

ImproVox doesn’t offer the features of high-end dedicated vocal effects processors – but it does offer a powerful set of options in a cheap ($3.99) package.

Features Include:

  • Real-time vocal pitch correction
  • Real-time 4-part harmonization in varying styles (Choral, Pop, Barbershop, Jazz, Baroque)
  • Customizable key and scale selection (with a voice-controlled key selector)
  • Traditional effects – reverb, echo, stutter, and cavern
  • Abstract effects – ring modulator, bit crusher, flanger, and auto-wah
  • Change and mix any harmony style and effect while you sing
  • Shake the device to set echo times
  • Recording capabilities with .m4a and .wav file-saving
  • Overdub function allows you to layer your recordings with multiple performances
  • Sharing capabilities via the device’s email client, SoundCloud, and iTunes document sharing.
  • Import function allows you to import tracks from your iTunes library or SoundCloud, allowing you to collaborate with people from all over the world

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