Elka Synthex 2 Synthesizer First Look


Information has leaked out, via sequencer.de, on a new synth design, the Elka Synthex 2, from the creator of the original Synthex.

The Synthex 2 is designed by Mario Maggi, creator of the original Synthex. It is intended as a modern Synthex update and is not related to the recently announced Elka Synthex reissue. Continue reading

Roland Australia Leaks New V-Cowbell

more-cowbellRoland Corporation’s Australia branch today announced the availability of their new CB-9 V-Cowbell Trigger Bell.

The high-tech cowbell is equipped with the Roland Supernatural sound engine and over 200 sounds.

According to the company, the V-Cowbell delivers “authentic cowbell-ness”, using Roland’s proprietary technology to sound just like the real thing.

Here’s the official intro video: Continue reading

‘Bach To Moog’ Sneak Preview


Moog Music has released a new preview video for Bach To Moog – a new album, by Craig Leon, that explores using the Moog modular synthesizer as part of a classical ensemble.

Bach to Moog, coming May 4th from Sony Classical, showcases the reissued Moog Modular Synthesizer, as well as other current Moog synthesizer, in new arrangements of the work of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Unlike the Walter/Wendy Carlos classic, Switched On Bach, the arrangements handle the synthesizer as part of a classical ensemble, rather than an alternative.

Here’s a video preview: Continue reading