DrumPerfect Brings ‘Human’ Drum Sequencing To The iPad

drumperfect-ipad-drum-machineMarinus J.G. van de Molengraft has released DrumPerfect – a drum sequencer for IOS 7, designed for creating natural sounding drum tracks.

DrumPerfect features three extensive editors to create very ‘human’ drum sequences:

  • An extensive pattern editor in which each individual drum stroke has its own velocity, timing and probability. Each pattern has its own BPM, time signature and beat subdivision settings. Multiple strokes can be linked to a single probabilistic event.
  • An extensive kit editor with up to 16 different drum kits with 16 instruments each. Every instrument consists of up to 16 different user-selectable audio samples.
  • An extensive song editor in which a song is built of pattern/kit events.

The ‘Two-handed’ and ‘Humanize’ features give a human feel to the rhythm by modeling the human drummer restrictions and variations.

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Nodal Generative Sequencer Updated With New Scales & More

nodal-screenshotMonash University has announced the release of version 1.9 of its generative music software Nodal.

Nodal is a standalone generative sequencer that allows the user to create complex musical patterns based on the concept of a network of nodes (musical events), connected together by edges (transitions between events).

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‘Extremely Powerful’ MIDI Step Sequencer, Thesys, Now Available For iPad

thesys-ipadSugar Bytes has released Thesys – an iPad version of their ‘extremely powerful and intuitive’ MIDI step sequencer app.

Thesys provides a versatile palette of performance options, which can be triggered right from your MIDI keyboard: you can transpose, manipulate, twist up, mutate, and mangle patterns without needing to touch your iPad.

You can use Thesys on your iPad to control apps or external hardware or software synths.

Here’s a video intro to Thesys: Continue reading

Synergy Studio For iPad Now Available

4PocketsAudio has released Synergy Studio – a matrix sequencer for the iPad


  • Choose your pattern length from 16, 32 and 64 notes.
  • 11 Drum Kits, 42 Analogue Synth instruments, 55 Sampler instruments, 21 Pad Synth instruments.
  • Further instruments available from free Sound library and in-App purchases.
  • Edit existing instruments to create new ones and save them to use again.
  • Easily connect and interact with other MIDI controls.
  • Fully integrated mixer and effects unit available.
  • 3 BAND Parametric EQ on each of the 16 layers to control the tonal content of a layer.
  • Automate panning, fading and effects using the mixer.
  • Export and share to other iOS devices via Bluetooth, Pasteboard, SoundCloud, DropBox, Email and FTP.

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Brainwave Sequencer Updated, Gets Enhanced MIDI Support

Developer Alexandre Jean Claude let me know about an update to his Brainwave Sequencer for the iPad.

Here’s what’s new in Brainwave Sequencer 1.3:

  • Compiled and tested for IOS 5.1
  • Added a new demo song (Struhkcher)
  • MIDI and Audio support
  • Now plays back in the background and mixes with other audio apps
  • Add support for program change, bank select per instrument
  • Properly support MIDI input for MIDI clock
  • New instrument capabilities
    • Added panning per instrument
    • Re-calibrated the audio engine volumes
    • Added new samples (drums, bass, pads and ProKeys 88)
    • Fixed existing sample to remove some clicks
  • Improved User Interface
    • Panning the timeline now scrubs the timeline
    • Removed unnecessary buttons (rew, ff, add, event info, song info)
    • Clip browser in the clip editor
    • Open Song info by touching the song name
    • UI revamp for the Mixer view and instrument editor
    • New help interface
  • Many Bug Fixes
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