Senode Graphical Music Sequencer (Sneak Preview)


Developer Sebastian Arnold today introduced Senode – a new node-based graphic music sequencer.

The basic idea of Senode is to draw your entire composition as a cyclic graph of nodes and edges. Each node can generate events, such as notes, chords, effects, or any other MIDI or OSC message.

You can now use any incoming signal or a clock to change the current position of ‘tokens’ around the graph.

There are many interaction options that let you decide the generation, direction, transformation and synchronization of the tokens. At all times, your graphical score is perfectly readable. This makes this sequencer the perfect tool for interactive performance of pre-written and generative music.

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LoAdKer For iOS Lets You Create Fractal Beats

loAdKer-ipadDeveloper Achilleas Sourlas has introduced LoAdKer for iOS, a new app that lets you create fractal-based rhythms:

LoAdKer is a rhythm generator that uses fractal sequences as a means to produce complex but musical results.

The software was developed by Ax.Art, aka Achilleas Sourlas, a musician and music software developer and is a product of his research into the use of fractals for music composition. It currently runs on iOS 5.1 and above. LoAdKer uses Csound as its sound engine, a powerful audio programming language, developed in the mid-1980s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by Barry Vercoe.

 Here’s a demo of LoAdKer in action: Continue reading

Loopseque Update Adds Audiobus

loopsequeSoftware sampler & sequencer Loopseque has been updated with Audiobus support.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use sequencer.
  • Sample editor, uploader & browser.
  • Onboard Samples library.
  • Audio effects.
  • Live track recording & loop bouncing.
  • SoundCloud sharing.
  • Project sharing via e-mail.
  • 22 professionally designed electronic sample sets.
  • 14 original project presets.
  • Loopseque Store with new projects and tracks by talented artists.
  • Dropbox Sync and iTunes File Sharing for your own sounds.
  • Audio copy/paste (General Pasteboard with import and export).
  • WIST support for syncing with other iOS music apps.
  • Audiobus support.
  • Master Classes & Tutorials.

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Beatmaker 2 Updated With AudioBus

intua-beatmaker-2Intua has released an update to BeatMaker 2, adding AudioBus support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Beatmaker 2.4.3:

  • Audiobus support – BeatMaker 2 can send to or receive audio from other apps
    • Monitor, record, apply effects, tweak input volume, apply noise gate from apps connected to Audiobus
    • Audio tracks are created automatically when connecting new apps or starting a new project
    • Control the sequencer and instrument sample recorder from another app with the Audiobus connection panel
  • Virtual MIDI input apps are not active by default, only controllers are
  • .midi files are now recognized
  • ZIP files transferred via FTP or DropBox are now unzipped automatically
  • Improvements of MIDI output timestamps

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Aurora Sound Studio HD Adds AudioBus

aurora-sound-studio-hdDeveloper 4Pockets has updated Aurora Sound Studio HD, its Tenori On style music sequencer for the iPad.

New in version 1.5, Aurora Sound Studio HD gets support for AudioBus.


  • 14 Instrument tracks
  • 12 Notes polyphony per track
  • 4 Independent Engines – Drum Machine, Analog Synth, Pad Synth and Sampler
  • 32 Patterns per song
  • Chain up to 199 Patterns in Song mode
  • 3 Effect sends per track.
  • 9 Effects including – Delay, Reverb, Chorus etc
  • Allows creation of custom instrument patches.
  • Layer Automation
  • XY Mode
  • Splice and Dice Audio with Atomizer Mode
  • Inbuilt Sample Recording
  • Export Songs as WAV and AAC

Aurora Sound Studio HD is available in the App Store for $39.99.