Modstep A ‘Full-Blown’ MIDI Sequencer For iPad

AppBC, creators of touchAble & Studiomux, has introduced Modstep – a new iPad app that’s describe as a “Modulation Monster and the first full-blown MIDI sequencer for the iPad”. Modstep is designed to let you to create and perform music with your iPad, controlling MIDI hardware, compatible iPad music apps, and Mac and PC software. In addition,… Read More Modstep A ‘Full-Blown’ MIDI Sequencer For iPad

Loopseque Update Adds Audiobus

Software sampler & sequencer Loopseque has been updated with Audiobus support. Key Features: Easy to use sequencer. Sample editor, uploader & browser. Onboard Samples library. Audio effects. Live track recording & loop bouncing. SoundCloud sharing. Project sharing via e-mail. 22 professionally designed electronic sample sets. 14 original project presets. Loopseque Store with new projects and… Read More Loopseque Update Adds Audiobus