LoAdKer For iOS Lets You Create Fractal Beats

loAdKer-ipadDeveloper Achilleas Sourlas has introduced LoAdKer for iOS, a new app that lets you create fractal-based rhythms:

LoAdKer is a rhythm generator that uses fractal sequences as a means to produce complex but musical results.

The software was developed by Ax.Art, aka Achilleas Sourlas, a musician and music software developer and is a product of his research into the use of fractals for music composition. It currently runs on iOS 5.1 and above. LoAdKer uses Csound as its sound engine, a powerful audio programming language, developed in the mid-1980s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by Barry Vercoe.

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Loopseque Update Adds Audiobus

loopsequeSoftware sampler & sequencer Loopseque has been updated with Audiobus support.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use sequencer.
  • Sample editor, uploader & browser.
  • Onboard Samples library.
  • Audio effects.
  • Live track recording & loop bouncing.
  • SoundCloud sharing.
  • Project sharing via e-mail.
  • 22 professionally designed electronic sample sets.
  • 14 original project presets.
  • Loopseque Store with new projects and tracks by talented artists.
  • Dropbox Sync and iTunes File Sharing for your own sounds.
  • Audio copy/paste (General Pasteboard with import and export).
  • WIST support for syncing with other iOS music apps.
  • Audiobus support.
  • Master Classes & Tutorials.

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Beatmaker 2 Updated With AudioBus

intua-beatmaker-2Intua has released an update to BeatMaker 2, adding AudioBus support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Beatmaker 2.4.3:

  • Audiobus support – BeatMaker 2 can send to or receive audio from other apps
    • Monitor, record, apply effects, tweak input volume, apply noise gate from apps connected to Audiobus
    • Audio tracks are created automatically when connecting new apps or starting a new project
    • Control the sequencer and instrument sample recorder from another app with the Audiobus connection panel
  • Virtual MIDI input apps are not active by default, only controllers are
  • .midi files are now recognized
  • ZIP files transferred via FTP or DropBox are now unzipped automatically
  • Improvements of MIDI output timestamps

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Aurora Sound Studio HD Adds AudioBus

aurora-sound-studio-hdDeveloper 4Pockets has updated Aurora Sound Studio HD, its Tenori On style music sequencer for the iPad.

New in version 1.5, Aurora Sound Studio HD gets support for AudioBus.


  • 14 Instrument tracks
  • 12 Notes polyphony per track
  • 4 Independent Engines – Drum Machine, Analog Synth, Pad Synth and Sampler
  • 32 Patterns per song
  • Chain up to 199 Patterns in Song mode
  • 3 Effect sends per track.
  • 9 Effects including – Delay, Reverb, Chorus etc
  • Allows creation of custom instrument patches.
  • Layer Automation
  • XY Mode
  • Splice and Dice Audio with Atomizer Mode
  • Inbuilt Sample Recording
  • Export Songs as WAV and AAC

Aurora Sound Studio HD is available in the App Store for $39.99.

Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer For iPad


Yamaha has introduced Mobile Music Sequencer – a new software sequencer for the iPad.

Mobile Music Sequencer is designed around a three-stage concept:

  • Step 1-Create phrases – You can choose from a selection of 382 preset phrases. It is also possible to use real-time recordings made using the keyboard within an application, or user phrases which have been created using piano roll input.
  • Step 2-Create sections – Combine multiple phrases together to create a section. Phrases are arranged in a vertical block and playback is turned on and off using the Section button at the bottom of the screen. The phrases can be managed as a single unit.
  • Step 3-Create Songs – Put together complete songs by pasting together sections. This is accomplished by touching the Section area and then just dragging and dropping sections into the data area.

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