New Soft Synth,, Based On Classic Circuit Bending Concepts

bent.ipadDeveloper Mayank Sanganeria has released – a full FM model of a circuit-bent synthesizer. allows the user to tweak classic circuit bending modifications like fine and octave-decimated clock bends, and experiment with more esoteric bends.

Sanganeria says that is ‘for anyone interested in circuit bending, glitch sounds, industrial music, and post-procedural art.’ Continue reading

Rob Papen Releases Vecto Rack Extension Synthesizer


Rob Papen has released Vecto – a four-oscillator vector synthesizer Rack Extension that allows you draw in vector paths to shape the sound in many different ways.

Included are a large range of oscillator waves, plus sampled waveforms and lots of different modulation options.

Here’s a video patch preview: Continue reading

nLab Synthesis Intros Monolite Poly K Synthesizer For Reaktor


nLab Synthesis has introduced Monolite Poly K synthesizer for Reaktor, described as ‘the ultimate evolution of the Monolite synth family’.

According to the company, the new synth is ideal for experimental, noise, ambient and fx sound designers, thanks to Monolite Poly K’s extensive sonic capabilities. Continue reading