Percussa Releases Synthor Synth For AudioCubes


Percussa has released Synthor – a modular synthesizer application for the AudioCubes tangible music controller platform.

Synthor lets you use AudioCubes to wirelessly create patches and control synthesis parameters. Percussa describes Synthor as ‘the first software digital modular synthesizer in the world with a dedicated hardware interface’.  Continue reading

Mellisonic Intros Polyphylla Additive Synth For Max For Live


Developer Mei-Fang let us know about Polyphylla. a new Max for Live eight-voice additive synthesizer.

Polyphylla uses mathematical models, based on shapes and phenomena in nature, to create sounds that change organically over time.

At the heart of the synth is a flexible 120-partial additive oscillator coupled to an analogue-style noise generator, each with its own multimode filter. The oscillator offers three methods by which to generate and edit a base harmonic spectrum: simple analogue waveform emulation, knob-driven stochastic microtuning, and detailed graphical control of 32 partial groups. The noise generator, meanwhile, can be overdriven for extra grit. Continue reading