Softube Modular Virtual Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Now Available

Softube has announced that Modular – their software Eurorack modular synthesizer – is now available for OS X & Windows. Modular is a expandable software modular system, designed to emulate a hardware Eurorack modular synthesizer. Softube  combined their talents with those of Eurorack inventor Doepfer and other Euro manufacturers to develop emulations of the original… Read More Softube Modular Virtual Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Now Available

Arturia Intros Farfisa V Organ

Arturia has introdued Farfisa V, a software recreation of the Farfisa Compact Deluxe, with some additional features from the Duo Compact series. The new virtual organ, for Mac & Windows, uses physical modeling to emulate the original. Arturia says that they modeled the real behavior of each component, right down to the transistors, oscillators, filters and built-in effects.

$200,000 Synclavier Synthesizer Now A $200 App

Arturia today introduced Synclavier V – a new version of the classic Synclavier digital synthesizer for OS X & Windows. New England Digital’s Synclavier was originally introduced in 1979, and, back then, cost as much as a house. But, because of its unique capabilities, the Synclavier quickly found its way into top studios, movie soundtracks and recordings, including iconic… Read More $200,000 Synclavier Synthesizer Now A $200 App