Amazing Machines Intros Programmable Wavetable Oscillator For Reaktor Blocks

Amazing Machines has introduced the AM102 Programmable Wavetable Oscillator for Reaktor Blocks.

The AM102 Programmable Wavetable Oscillator features a 16 stage wavetable with 3 selectable playback modes and 3 types of output curves.  Continue reading

SoundForce SFC-Mini Minimoog-Style MIDI Controller Now Available To Order


Developer Nicolas Toussaint let us know that he’s planning to produce the SoundForce SFC-Mini – a hardware controller for Minimoog-style software synths – via a Kickstarter project.

Here is the official intro video: Continue reading

Amazing Machines Intros Colorful Noise For Reaktor Blocks

blk_colorful_noise_hiAmazing Machines has introduced Colorful Noise for Reaktor Blocks.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

A Noise Generator like no other, Colorful Noise can do much more than a standard Noise Generator. Earth Shaking Noise Sweeps, Modulated Noise, Tuned Noise, Chiptune Style Noise and Random LFO Speed Noise are so easy to achieve with Colorful Noise that you won’t believe your ears.

Colorful Noise also comes with a Builtin Output VCA, making the setup of complex patches fast and easy.

Here is the official intro video: Continue reading

FXpansion Intros Strobe2 Synthesizer For Mac, Windows


FXpansion has released Strobe2 – a software polysynth that updates the original’s realistic analog modeling synthesis with ‘a slew of enhancements and requested features.’

Highlights include an effects section, revamped arpeggiator, deeper modulation processing, preset-morphing, randomizing and a scalable vector interface for retina and 4K displays.

Here’s the official video intro: Continue reading

Sinevibes Intros Hologram Spectral Audio Resynthesizer


Sinevibes has introduced Hologram, a creative effect processor that resynthesizes sound in real time.

Hologram splits the input signal into multiple frequency bands, analyzes each band’s dynamics, and then recreates the signal’s spectrum with an array of sine oscillators. The result is a wide variety of pleasantly smooth synthetic tones whose spectral and dynamic characteristics are controlled by the input audio.

To take it even further, Hologram also has two highly flexible, multi-waveform modulators that apply rhythmic motion to its re-synthesis engine. Continue reading