ThumbJam Gets Massive Update

thumbjamSonosaurus has released an update to Thumbjam, a performance-oriented instrument for iOS.

The update adds Inter-App Audio support, AudioBus 2, AudioShare, and a variety of performance options.

Thumbjam is also introducing a variety of features designed to allow much more complex virtual instrument to be built and played on the platform.

Velocity layering support has been added, and new instruments taking advantage of the feature will be available as in-app downloads. The app has also enhanced its MIDI options, allowing for MIDI breath control, poly pressure and more.

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New Modular Synth For iPad, Modal Pro

modular-synthesizer-ipadDeveloper Dango Inc has released Modal Pro – a new app that allows you to build your own synthesizers and effects by connecting various modules together.


  • Flexible and Intuitive Patching
    Modal Pro allows you to connect modules whichever way you want. You can use any module to control any other module. You can even connect a module to itself. You’re not guaranteed to get an interesting sound, or even any sound at all but you’re guaranteed not to break anything. The touch interface allows you to rapidly connect and disconnect modules so that you can easily explore all sonic possibilities.
  • Easy-to-Use Touch Controls
    Modal Pro features interface elements such as its custom “double sliders” that allow you adjust each detail of the sound intuitively and accurately. Controls are adjusted specifically for each type of parameter.
  • Analog Modeled Oscillators
    Modal Pro’s oscillator modules are built to emulate the sound of classic analog synthesizer. Because they are modeled rather than sample-based you can modulate them freely, in real-time and at audio rate.
  • Two Workspaces
    Modal Pro features two workspaces where you can build instruments or effects.

    • The “Polyphonic Workspace” is typically where you build instruments, and offers up to 8 voices of polyphony. (Actual polyphony will vary depending on your iPad’s speed and complexity of the instrument.)
    • The Polyphonic Workspace is connected to the “Monophonic Workspace.” As the name implies, instruments that you build here can only play one sound at a time. This is the perfect place, however, for building effects that process the output of the Polyphonic Workspace.
  • The Preset Slider
    The state of an instrument or effect can be saved as a preset. These presets are stored in the “Preset Slider,” which not only allows you to recall these states but also interpolate between them, making fluid and sometimes surprising transitions between presets possible.
  • The Keyboard
    Modal Pro features a keyboard optimized for the iPad’s screen. The standard chromatic piano keyboard is complemented with many fixed-scale keyboards. Adjustable portamento allows you to slide notes individually.
  • Comprehensive Help
    Touch any module and the “Live Help” window will display a detailed description featuring not only an explanation of the module’s features but also advice about how to use it to get great sounds. Modal Pro also comes with a lengthy tutorial to guide you through every feature, building your own simple synthesizer and effect along the way. In following releases, more tutorials will be added to help you learn the basics of sound design.

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EGP – ‘The Most Comprehensive Electric Grand Piano Ever Produced’

UVI has released EGP, a new virtual instrument that the describe as ‘the most comprehensive electric grand piano instrument ever produced’.

EGP is inspired by Yamaha’s stage electric grand piano series: Yamaha CP-60, CP-70 and CP-80,


  • Discrete and fully mixable electric, L/R and M/S signals
  • M/S signal switchable to dual mono
  • 10 prepared piano styles, create custom key splits in UVI Workstation
  • Independent effect chains for acoustic and electric signals
  • Independent ADSR amplitude control for acoustic and electric signals
  • Resonance polyphony and volume control
  • Pedal and Release volume control
  • Extended Range switch provides a full 88-note range
  • Wheel Strum
  • 100+ preset library
  • Advanced audio engine
  • Licensing supports 3 concurrent authorizations

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New Synth, AnaddrSynth, For iOS

anaddrsynth-ios-synthesizerDeveloper Christopher L Anderson has introduced AnaddrSynth, a sound synthesis tool comprised of three configurable oscillators, hi/lo/moving filters, a wah-wah effect, an echo/delay effect, and configurable attack-decay-sustain-release and modulation modules.

Here’s a brief demo of AnaddrSynth in action: Continue reading