Cakewalk Releases Sonar “Braintree” Content

Cakewalk_Sonar_BraintreeCakewalk has announced their new Braintree release for Sonar Artist, Professional, and Platinum member/subscribers. Cakewalk recently debuted a new membership/subscription program, which gives Sonar users “regular access to new features, enhancements, and content.”

The recent Braintree* release addresses improvements requested by the community, and includes new content that complements Sonar’s “rich feature set” with a range of new presets and innovative loop libraries.
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Cakewalk Intros Sonar X3, The Biggest Upgrade Yet For Their Windows DAW

SONAR-X3Cakewalk has released Sonar X3 – “the biggest upgrade to date” for their Windows DAW.

Sonar X3 includes core workflow enhancements and features like Color Customization, Comping, VST3 Support, ARA integration, Melodyne Essential, Tape Emulator and QuadCurve EQ Zoom & Analyzer. It also adds new effects and instruments, including XLN Audio Addictive Drums, Nomad Factory Blue Tubes FX and Lounge Lizard SONAR.

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Gibson Buying Cakewalk From Roland, Here Are The FAQs

Cakewalk-logoGibson Brands has announced today that it has entered into a letter of intent with Roland Corporation and Cakewalk for Gibson to acquire Cakewalk, makers of Sonar, Z3TA+ 2 and other music software.

Gibson Brands CEO Henry Juszkiewicz says that, as part of Gibson, Cakewalk will “enhance their flagship professional products, pursue provocative R&D initiatives, and continue to serve the needs of musicians and producers”.

Following the closing of the proposed acquisition, a new brand, TASCAM Professional Software, will be created to support, promote, and publish Cakewalk’s current and future professional products. The Cakewalk staff and headquarters will remain in Boston as an independent division.

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SoundToys Releases Updated Version 4.2

ST_horizontal_lockupProfessional effects plug-in maker SoundToys recently announced the release of SoundToys version 4.2 with 64-bit support for Audio Units and Windows VST formats. The new release covers the full line of real-time native hosted plug-ins.

With this release, SoundToys plug-ins are now compatible with Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, Digital Performer 8 on Mac and other 64-bit Audio Unit hosts. SoundToys now supports 64-bit VST hosts such as Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, and Ableton Live 9 on the PC. [Speed for Logic X is still in development.]

Pricing and Availability. The upgrade to SoundToys version 4.2 is available, free of charge, for all registered SoundToys V4 users, all Boutique Series owners (Devil-Loc, Radiator, Little MicroShift, etc) and the installers can be found in your SoundToys account. Additional pricing information for new customers, or for other upgrades, can be found at the SoundToys site.

SoundToys is also offering a limited time “all in” promotion, through August 18, which adds the Boutique Series plug-ins to every new SoundToys Native Effects bundle purchase.

Cakewalk Announces Overloud VKFX Bundle

Cakewalk_Overloud_VKFX_collageMusic software maker Cakewalk has announced the availability of their vintage keyboard VKFX Bundle (designed by Overloud) for the ProChannel platform.

Overloud VKFX is a virtual rack packed with “outstanding” models of vintage analog effect processors, especially suited for keyboard players. It captures the sound of the original masters, which were often the key element in defining a classic instrument’s unique ‘voice’. Continue reading

Is Cakewalk Sonar X2a On Windows 8 The Future Of DAWs?

Cakewalk has announced SONAR X2a – an update to the popular Windows DAW which includes many fixes, enhancements, plus support for multi-touch.

Since music apps first started appearing on Apple’s iPad, many users have been anticipating the same types of multi-touch interaction coming to traditional DAWs. Sonar X2a is a major step in that direction.

SONAR X2A offers a new creative environment on touch enabled devices. Highlights include:

  • Skylight User Interface
    • Pinch-to-zoom horizontally and vertically on tracks and other data.
    • Swiping gestures to scroll through different components of the project.
    • Arranging the work-space by re-positioning, dragging, docking and un-docking.
  • Matrix
    • Touch transforms any touch screen into a virtual pad controller for triggering.
    • Preview, and then drag-and-drop loops into cells in the Matrix View.
    • Adjust all settings in the Matrix View.
  • Mixing
    • Console View fully supports multi-touch.
    • Automate and control faders, plugins, ProChannel parameters, the Inspector and more.
    • Navigate through the views easily by swiping and scrolling tracks vertically and horizontally.

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