Universal Guitar To MIDI Converter For iOS, Sonuus G2M

sonus-guitar-to-midiSonuus has introduced G2M – a Universal Guitar-to-MIDI Converter app for iOS.

According to the developer, Sonuus G2M delivers high-performance, low-latency, MIDI conversion for guitar and other musical instruments.

The G2M app gives you access to the same technology of the Sonuus hardware G2M:

  • Any electric guitar can be used as a solo MIDI guitar: i.e., it’s universal.
  • No guitar modifications or special pickups required.
  • Robust note detection — minimises wrong notes.
  • Velocity detection of notes, so your playing dynamics are translated into MIDI messages.
  • Fast, accurate pitch-bend determination, or alternative chromatic mode.
  • Very low latency & very fast tracking.
  • Built-in, precise tuner.

Here’s a demo of Sonuus G2M in action: Continue reading

Korg iMS-20 Controlled By Guitar + Audio To MIDI Adapter

YouTube Preview Image

This is a demo of the Sonuus i2M Musicport – a USB audio interface that converts audio into MIDI signals.

This example shows how to control Korg iMS-20 on an iPad using a standard guitar. The Sonuus i2M Musicport converts guitars and other musical instruments to MIDI with very low latency. Being a standard USB MIDI device, it can work with the iPad using the iPad camera connection kit.

While the Sonuus i2M Musicport was designed with guitar and bass in mind, it works with most musical instruments, including wind instruments and the human voice.


  • 16-bit, 44·1 kHz/48 kHz digital audio with Hi-Z input preamp.
  • Any musical instrument can be used as a solo MIDI instrument.
  • Optimised settings for: Guitar, 4-String Bass, 5-String Bass and Voice/Wind.
  • No instrument modifications or special pickups required.
  • Robust note detection — minimises wrong notes.
  • Very low latency & ultra-fast tracking.
  • Ultra-fast, accurate MIDI pitch-bend or chromatic mode.
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight and portable.
  • USB bus-powered (no power supply required).
  • Future-proof upgradeable firmware.

The Sonuus i2M Musicport is priced at $193.50 / £118 (ex VAT). See the Sonuus site for details.