QuNeo With Z3ta+2 – A Futuristic Combination

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In this video, Encanti demonstrates using the QuNeo MIDI controller by Keith McMillen Instruments to program patches for Z3ta+2 VST synthesizer by Cakewalk.

Z3ta+2 is running in Ableton Live Suite 8 on Windows 7 (via bootcamp partition) on an Intel MacBook Pro.

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Bitwig Studio (Sneak Preview Demo)

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Remember Bitwig Studio, the upcoming DAW created by some of the guys that created Ableton Live? The app that managed to get 60 votes in our recent DAW poll, despite being unreleased?

Bitwig Studio now moving into beta testing – and the developers posted this sneak preview video so you could get a better idea of what Bitwig is going to look like.

Check it out and let us know if you’re believing the hype!

The Secrets Of Analog & Digital Synthesis

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This set of videos, from 1985, takes a look at The Secrets of Analog & Digital Synthesis.

It’s obviously dated, starting with the “Listen to the sound coming from your VCR right now.” Nevertheless, there’s some solid coverage of synth basics and the videos also offer a vintage look at synths.

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Free Max for Live Instrument – SampleRider

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Little Scale, aka Sebastian Tomczak, has released SampleRider – a Max for Live instrument that uses a user-defined sample as a table for an oscillator.

Basically, a sinewave that is modulated by another sinewave sets the sample index for reading back sample points from the loaded sample. Frequency is set by incoming MIDI notes. Velocity sets volume. The user can define other parameters (e.g. modulating oscillator amount and frequency).

There are two main oscillators and two modulating oscillators. All timbral changes are created simply by reading back from the loaded sample at different points/in a different way.

SampleRider is a free download from the Little Scale site.


Solar Orbiter – A Space Music Synth Jam

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a mellow synth jam, via Andy Barrow, that brings to mind the space rock and synth music of the 70s.

Barrow shared these technical details on the piece, Solar Orbiter:

We start off with a brief intro using the Voyager XL and then the music begins with the Radias (Pads and the Lead Synth part way through the video) and the Moog Slim Phatty being used for the rhythm.

I then bring the XL in to play a moody lead synth (2 Osc’s used, the second used primarily for harmonic content). The Radias takes over later on and then we finish with Moog Slim Phatty and the Voyager XL.

Moog Intros Bowel-Shaking BASE SoundPack For Animoog

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Moog Music today introduced the BASE soundpack for Animoog – a collection of timbres and presets that radically extends the sonic capabilities of Animoog from the purely electronic realm of its Moog ancestry into a richly organic world of biological sound.

The BASE Pack is born from a quest Moog engineers embarked on, with help from researchers at The University of North Carolina at Asheville, to discover the most primordial sounds known to man. The result is the Biomimetically Augmented Synthesis Expansion Pack (BASE Pack) for the Animoog synthesizer.

In addition to the over 40 new Timbre files, Moog recruited top sound designers to craft 25 powerful new presets which demonstrate the range of BASE sounds that Animoog can now emit. Some of the Presets included are Extravasation, Eructations, Bad Beans, Bathtub Bubbles, and Oops Sorry Excuse Me. Some of the Timbres included are Sploot2, WetGas1, Dribbly, WetSquish2 and Excuse Me.

Above, Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess demonstrates some of his trademark licks using BASE for Animoog and UNCA’s Dr. Wayne Kirby explains the origin of the new sound library.

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(DSI Tempest + Teenage Engineering OP-1) x 2 Synth Jam

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Sunday Synth Jam: Edison & Anon Day, mano a mano, on twin Dave Smith Instruments Tempest + Teenage Engineering OP-1 setups.

The track is the choicely named, We Will Kill You In The Face And Dick.