Novation Debuts Daniel Fisher Soundpack For UltraNova

At The NAMM Show 2012: Novation announce the launch of the Daniel Fisher Soundpack (Vol. 1) for the UltraNova series synthesizer. The soundpack free for all UltraNova users and comprises 30 sounds by “one of the industry’s most talented sound designers.”

This soundpack is the latest in a series of free sounds from renowned artists and sound designers, made exclusively for Novation’s UltraNova synthesizer. Daniel Fisher has created a series of four soundpacks, which will be released throughout early 2012. Novation officials say “These sounds reflect the skills and experience of Daniel’s 30+ years in the soundware industry.” Continue reading

Free ‘Dirty Dutch’ Soundpack For The Novation UltraNova

Novation has released a free soundpack for the UltraNova synthesizer, the Chuckie Soundpack for UltraNova:

Part producer, part remixer, part DJ, Chuckie knows what makes a great track. With the help of Fabian Lenssen and Silvio Ecomo, two of Holland’s A-list house producers, he’s produced with this exclusive soundpack for UltraNova.

King of the Dirty Dutch sound and part of the international DJ fraternity, Chuckie first started playing at hip hop clubs in Amsterdam. Soon, he caught the electronic music bug and was playing at the house clubs too. His sound evolved from the culture he was immersed in and the music he was listening to, making it truly distinctive.

You can preview the free soundpack above and download it from the Novation site.

Native Instruments’ North India Kore Soundpack

YouTube Preview Image

This video demonstrates instrument articulations in the North India Kore Soundpack, a new Hindustani instrument library for the Kore platform. Examples include the Sitar, Tabla and Bansuri.

More on NI’s North India Soundpack at the Native Instruments site.

If you’ve used the North India Kore Soundpack, leave a comment with your thoughts!

Native Instruments Acoustic Refractions In Ableton Live

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Torley posted this video review of Native Instruments Acoustic Refractions, a new SoundPack that combines sampled material with KORE processing to offer 100 original virtual instruments.

If you’ve used NI Acoustic Refractions, leave a comment with your thoughts! Continue reading

Native Instruments Acoustic Refractions SoundPack

Native Instruments has introduced Acoustic Refractions, a new KORE SOUNDPACK that combines organic and synthetic qualities.

Based on unusual acoustic sample material and brought to life through advanced sound programming, this new library for KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER offers highly original instruments for music projects that would benefit from “weird and wonderful tones and textures”.

Acoustic Refractions was created in collaboration with prolific sound design artist Jeremiah Savage, who recorded an assortment of unusual acoustic samples from “everyday objects” as the starting point. The sonic raw material at the heart of this KORE SOUNDPACK comes from items such as light bulbs, blocks of ice, washing machines, spray cans, shredded paper, water, glass and stones, and even the Golden Gate Bridge. Continue reading

Free Kore Soundpack Library From Native Instruments

Native Instruments has announced a free sound library, Kore Soundpack Compliation, Volume 1:

To celebrate a great year for music production, Native Instruments has prepared this free gift for you. KORE SOUNDPACK COMPILATION VOL.1 is a full-featured production-ready sound library that includes 100 Kore Sounds plus 700 Sound Variations, taken from twelve different KORE SOUNDPACKS. You will find a wide range of carefully selected synthesizers, acoustic instruments, percussion, groove construction kits and multi-effects patches, instantly usable for a wide range of musical styles and genres.

Download links: