The Clipper Ableton Live Guitar Controller

If you’ve ever wanted to control Ableton Live with a psychedelic keytar MIDI controller thing, then you’ll want to check out the Starr Labs Clipper – one of their line of custom MIDI controllers.

The video demonstrates the Clipper being used to control an Ableton Live session.

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The iTar Turns iPads Into Keytars

Starr Labs, a boutique MIDI controller maker that previously focused on creating custom ZTar MIDI guitar controllers, has announced a Kickstarter project to create the iTar, an iPad keytar.

The project pairs Starr Labs’ proven fingerboard controller, from the ZTar, with an iPad. According to the developers, by pairing their fingerboard with a mass-produced portable computer, like the iPad, they can cut their costs way down.

They’re running this project as a Kickstarter project. Basically, Starr Labs is trying to move from building one-off custom ZTars, which are pretty expensive, to creating iTars in volume, priced at $200. In order to make them in volume, though, they need to determine if there’s real interest to justify volume production.

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Double Rainbow MIDI Controller Ztar – It’s So Intense!

Saturday Synth Porn: Starr Labs calls this custom MIDI controller the Ztar Z6SPX.

But we took one look at this particular Ztar Z6SPX and said to ourselves, “It’s a double complete rainbow on the fretboard!”

“Oh my god! Oh Ohhhh God! Its so bright! It’s so bright and vivid.”

The Starr Labs Ztars are unique guitar-style MIDI controllers that can be played in a guitar-like way or used as a controller for apps like Ableton Live or Reason.

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Starr Labs iTar (iPhone Keytar) Sneak Preview

Starr Labs iTar iPhone keytar

Ztar developer Starr Labs has introduced iTar, an upcoming controller app for iPhone and iPad:

We here at Starr Labs have been working on the iTar, a MIDI guitar/instrument application for the iPhone and iPad.

The more we labor over what we want the iTar to accomplish, the more we expand its scope of control, programmability, customization, and interactivity. Think pages of customizable control screen surfaces with dozens of controller and trigger types, arranged and implemented however you like.

That said, we invite any serious programmers/developers to join us in the iTar conversation.

Seriously, contact Harvey Starr harvey (at) and be a part of the Starr Labs team that unveils the best MIDI guitar/instrument application onto the world, the iTar!

This is obviously in the very early stages – but their goal of making the best MIDI guitar controller does pique our interest.

You can check out the company’s Ztar at their site.

Ztar + Native Instruments Prism

YouTube Preview Image

Starr Labs has been publishing a series of videos on YouTube that demonstrate using the company’s Ztar controllers with various electronic music apps.

In the latest video, Jacques looks at some creative ways to control Native Instruments Prism synth. Using a Starr Labs Ztar, you can control any number of parameters found within this soft-synth, such as decay, harmonic ratios, delays, FX, tempos etc. Jacques programmed the touch pads, ribbon, joystick, and volume knob to interact with Prism.

More examples are available at the Starr Labs YouTube page.

Note: Some serious room tone on these videos is a distraction.

The Starr Labs Z6-S Ztar

Saturday Synth Porn: Some nice shots of the new Starr Labs Z6-S Deluxe Ztar, in sunburst finish, with long-neck and a whammy bar upgrade.


  • 6 Velocity-sensitive Zero-latency String Triggers
  • Unlimited tunings
  • 32 mappable zones
  • Programmable Auto-chording system
  • Sequencer
  • Arpeggiator
  • 4-way programmable Joystick
  • Volume Pedal Port
  • Sustain Pedal Port
  • MIDI and USB i/o
  • Power Supply, Cables, and Soft Case included

Details on Starr Labs’ Ztar’s are available at their site.