KOMA Elektronik SVF-201 State Variable Filter For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

koma-state-variable-filter-eurorackKOMA Elektronik is now shipping the SVF-201 State Variable Filter – a new modular for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

Berlin-based instrument manufacturer KOMA Elektronik says that they are ‘slowly moving into the world of modular synthesizers’.

The SVF-201’s filter circuit is built up with optical parts (vactrols), designed to deliver excellent studio audio quality and a ‘unique warm analogue sound’ The extensive patching possibilities make the module a versatile tool.

Inputs and Outputs

The SVF-201 offers CV inputs with attenuators for Cutoff, Resonance and Select/Mix Out, where the last one allows the user to instantly sweep between the three different filter characteristics. The module also has adjustable gain up to +6dB, which gives the user to opportunity send a (slightly) overdriven signal into the circuit, which results in MS20-like filter sweeps.

The unit offers four audio outputs that can be used independently of each other at the same time, a High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass and the unique CV’able Mix Out. The Mix Out out let’s you sweep continuously through the other three outputs by means of a knob and control voltage.

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