Use Your Guitar As A String Synthesizer

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The latest episode of Bill Ruppert’s Electro-Harmonix Effectology series looks at how to turn you guitar into a string synth and tin whistle using effects pedals.

While this is a little bit off topic, it’s always impressive to see how Ruppert uses his guitar and effects as a sort of modular synthesizer.

See the EHX site for pedal settings.

3D Audio Binaural Plugin H3D Now Available For Mac, Windows

H3d binaural audio mac

Longcat Audio Technologies has announced the Mac version of H3D VST, a 3D audio binaural plugin for Digital Audio Workstations. The Windows version, which was previously available, has been updated also.

H3D works within your DAW and lets you place and “animate” instruments in a virtual 3D space.


  • 3D object-based mixing: use the 3D interface to visually place and animate sounds.
  • Longcat Audio H3D technology: when listening on headphones, H3D allows panning sound in 3D all around the listener’s head.
  • Unique HRTF processing: H3D uses Longcat own processed HRTF filters in order to achieve the best spatialization effects.
  • H3D Reverb: immerse your tracks with H3D Reverb, a spatialized binaural reverberation.
  • Automation: fully automate parameters and 3D animation of audio tracks.
  • No tedious settings: Just insert H3D plugins and start moving sounds in 3D.

H3D is available now for 99€ (incl. EU VAT) via Longcat’s online shop.

Alesis Studio Dock At Winter NAMM 2011

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This official Alesis video, from Winter NAMM 2011, offers an introduction to their new StudioDock for the iPad.

The Alesis StudioDock is designed to add pro audio input, output and control to the Apple iPad, including microphones, guitars, monitors and MIDI devices and video output. Continue reading

AudioStage Lets You Mix Audio In 3D

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Longcat Audio Technologies has released AudioStage, 3D audio authoring and mixing software, but comes at a price that, unfortunately, puts it out of the range of most users.

Aimed at movie and music postproduction, AudioStage inserts in major audio workstations such as ProTools, Pyramix, Nuendo or Logic Pro, and lets you visually place and animate audio tracks in editable 3D environments. Continue reading

Free VST, Erectifier, Makes Everything Sound Bigger

Rusty Trombone have launched Erectifier VST – a free plug-in for Mac and Windows that makes things sound bigger.


Erectifier works as a doubler, or demented phaser, it is designed to widen and phatten. Of course you can misuse that as well. you have an LFO that controls how long back an echo is. You can set the length and speed of this LFO.

Then there is a filter that can be LowPass, HighPass or Allpass, and a cut Hz so that you can control where the cut is.

The distortion is to grit up the sound a little, or a lot, it’s not the worlds bestest distortion. Then you can amplify the signal, if you want to. The filter can cut away a lot of the volume, that’s why we have it. Then finally there is a on/off. There are two to the left side and two on the right side. and finally one dry through parameter. So if you’d like to test one of your settings, turn the other three off (via on/off parameter) and then tweak away, baby.

There are a few presets (yeah, we didn’t feel like making a lot of them, so we forced that guy to make a random-function and make a lot of presets there).

Check out this funny audio demo of Erectifier:

Erectifier is a free download from the Rusty Trombone site. If you give it a try, leave a comment with your thoughts! Continue reading

NuGen Audio Updates Stereoizer To Version 2.6

NuGen Audio Updates Stereoizer To Version 2.6

NuGen Audio has released version 2.6 of Stereoizer in both Mac OS X VST/AU and Windows VST formats, featuring an updated GUI and several control enhancements.

Stereoizer is designed for adding adjustable stereo spread to mono or stereo input signals. Stereoizer can generate the full range of stereo enhancement, from subtle depth control to full dynamic shifting and phase realignment. Great for percussion parts, lifeless pads, static lead sounds—anything that needs that little bit extra.

Originally available for Windows, Stereoizer is now also available for Mac OS X in VST and Audio Units formats. It costs $39; demo versions are available. Continue reading