Free iOS Game Teaches You How To Play Steve Reich’s ‘Clapping Music’

Touchpress Limited has released Steve Reich’s Clapping Music – a free iOS game that’s designed to improve your rhythm. It does this by challenging you to play Steve Reich’s ground-breaking work, Clapping Music, a piece of music performed entirely by clapping. Steve Reich’s Clapping Music app is part of a research project, designed to explore if gaming experiences… Read More Free iOS Game Teaches You How To Play Steve Reich’s ‘Clapping Music’

Steve Reich’s ‘Radio Rewrite’ Inspired By Radiohead

Nonesuch Records has released a new album by electroacoustic pioneer Steve Reich, Radio Rewrite. The title piece references two songs by the English band Radiohead. Alan Pierson conducts this premiere recording of Radio Rewrite, which was composed in 2012. The album also includes recordings of Electric Counterpoint (1987) and Piano Counterpoint, which is a 2011 transcription… Read More Steve Reich’s ‘Radio Rewrite’ Inspired By Radiohead

Steve Reich Swag Giveaway

Classical music publishing company Boosey and Hawkes is holding a contest to “ring in” the November 16 all-Steve Reich concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC). Steve Reich is a composer in the classical tradition that helped pioneer electroacoustic music, music as a gradual process and musical minimalism. The first prize winner will receive… Read More Steve Reich Swag Giveaway

Steve Reich – Pendulum Music

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a performance of Steve Reich‘s 1968 process music piece, Pendulum Music, by Simon Acevedo, Mathieu Cart, Simon Paccaud & Olivier Schuppisser. In Pendulum Music, three or more microphones are suspended by their cables over the speakers that they are connected to. The microphones are set in motion, creating overlapping patterns of feedback.