PSY – Gangnam Style

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It’s been a while since we shared a music video that scars the eyeballs with weirdness.

Reader ShelLuser helped correct that lapse, referring us to Gangnam Style, the latest music video by South Korea’s Park Jae-Sang, aka PSY.

“I think its pretty impressive that PSY manages to pick up already existing styles and beats and manages to make this fully his own in a music piece which has already been viewed and enjoyed 16 million times,” notes ShelLuser.

We can scarcely say more, other than that “Gangnam Style” roughly translates to “swag”.

It’s Friday – So We’ve Got Polish Rap & A Bodacious Meat Babe

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This is almost completely off topic, but it’s Friday and we’ve busted out the strong beverages. So forgive us if the only real electronic music angle on this is a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, this video features:

  • A bodacious meat babe;
  • MC Silk unleashing a torrent of multi-lingual anti-sellout rhymes;
  • A dude in the kitchen making beats on Maschine;
  • Traditional musicians trashing Busta Rhymes in Polish; and
  • That do-it-in-one-take-or-don’t-do-it-at-all attitude.
And, if you’re thinking that they had us at ‘bodacious meat babe’, you might be right.

The Adventures Of Captain Sausage (Vintage Electronic Music Studio Jam)

Sunday Synth Jam: The Adventures of Captain Sausage is another vintage electronic music studio jam, via Atomic Shadow.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

A short improvisation featuring processed audio from a really bad Sci-Fi movie, HP and BK sine wave generators, ring modulators, tape echo, various effects, and a dash of reverb.

I love how Atomic Shadow’s music videos explore the aesthetic of ‘mid-century electronica’ – vintage gear, lab coat and all – but from a sort of ‘alternate future’ perspective.