Kitchen Items + Robotics + Arduino Control = The Percussion Kitchen


Reader Devin Curry teamed up with Ben Gullard to create the Percussion Kitchen, an electronic rhythm instrument based on kitchen items – along with robotics and Arduino control.

The duo set out to create something whimsical and fun to play.

They started with a variety of kitchen items, ranging from a cheese grater to tupperware. The created a cutting board controller, using Sanwa arcade buttons. An Arduino Uno is used as the ‘brain’ to control solenoids that ‘play’ the kitchen items.

Here’s a demo video of the Percussion Kitchen in action: Continue reading

The Skoog Combines Accessibility With MIDI Power


The Skoog is a musical instrument/MIDI controller designed with accessibility in mind.

According to the developer, “Skoog removes the barriers to music which are posed by the difficulty of mastering standard instruments.”

Skoog looks like a big squishy toy – but it’s designed to be more than that, bringing physical modeling synthesis, sampling and MIDI to users that may not be able to use a standard controller.  Continue reading

How To Make A DIY MIDI Flame Organ

Want to incorporate MIDI-controlled flame-throwers into your act?

They MIDI controller gurus at Livid put together this video that explains how they made a DIY MIDI Controlled Flame Organ: Continue reading

The Owl Theremin – Modern Art, Nonsense Or Both?

owl-theremin-instrumentThe Owl Theremin is a custom taxidermy + custom electronic instrument project created by Nervous Squirrel.


  • The theremin is a PAiA Theremax.
  • The owl is a Southern Boobok.
  • The owl rests on a sliding carriage, which can slide along four vertical bars fixed inside the log. When the motor is turned on, a winch mechanism winds a length of sash cord, which loops over the top of a second pulley, which in turn lifts up the sliding carriage. When the carriage reaches the top, a limit switch is automatically pressed, switching off the motor. For the owl to descend, the owl activation switch is flipped once more, reversing the polarity of the motor, allowing the carriage to be lowered down onto another limit switch.
  • The antennae disconnect for ease of transportation, and the lower half of the stand can be unbolted.
  • There’s an ‘activate owl’ switch.

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