Tuesday Jubilee

Sunday Synth Jam: Via tenmen – a “rainy tuesday bank holiday afternoon at home with the refactored version of tml”.

Practical Max – Making A Beat Factory

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In his second set of Practical Max videos, Matthew Davidson, aka Stretta, demonstrates building a ‘sweet-sounding and performance-friendly’ Beat Factory.

Beat Factory slices up and processes drum rhythms in real time.

Watch the Practical Max 2-B video, below, to see inside the Beat Factory Max patch.

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Practical Max, With Matthew Davidson – ‘An Embarrassing Amount Of Fun’

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Cycling ’74 has teamed up with Matthew Davidson (Stretta) on a new video series, Practical Max:

Cycling 74 debuts a new video series in which I demonstrate some practical uses of Max and share the patches I make.

In this first episode, I’m exploring what can be done with some inexpensive piezo mic elements and Tristan Jehan’s analyzer~ external.

But really, I’m just having an embarrassing amount of fun.

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Free Music Friday – Isotope Of Me’s ‘Heavy Heavy’

Free Music Friday: Synth addict Benjamin Cameron (Isotope of Me) recently reconfigured his modular synth setup, shown above, which also features Monome, Expert Sleepers software and Manta controller.

After getting some new additions to the system working, it was time to get his synth on – so he recorded a track and shared it.

Here’s what Cameron has to say about the track, Heavy Heavy:

The monome is running Stretta’s awesome plane sequencer, which is driving the modular along with the expert sleepers step LFO.

The manta was used to play the heavy lead lines which are the matrix 6-r and the DSI evolver. The matrix is doing a fine job of being aggressive without any external distortion here. For an 80s box, it certainly is flexible.

Of course, nasty is the evolver’s middle name, so no surprises about grit coming from that little box. The Telemark kicks in toward the end with some resonant sweeps, also feeling a little aggressive. Grr, argh.

You can listen to and download Heavy Heavy with the embed below. See the Isotope of Me site for more from Cameron, too! Continue reading

Combines The Charms (Electroacoustic Ambient Jam)

This video, via Matthew Davidson, aka Stretta, captures the recording session for Combines The Charms, an electroacoustic ambient piano piece from his new album Could Have The Skies.

Could Have The Skies is available as a free download from Davidson’s blog.

Stretta’s Holocene For Monome Arc 4

Back in January, we reported on the Monome Arc 2 and Arc 4, a pair of premium high-resolution knob controllers from the creators of the monome. While some readers choked on the pricing of the Arc controllers, buyers snatched up the first run in about 15 minutes.

Musician/developer/designer Matthew Davidson (Stretta) put together this video, Holocene, that demonstrates the monome arc 4 in action, both as a musical tool and a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship.  Continue reading

New Music For A New Instrument – Stretta & The Arc

Matthew Davidson (Stretta) has posted these videos, demonstrating a new instrument, the Arc, in action.

The Arc, made by the creators of the monome, is a high-end, hand-crafted high-resolution knob controller for electronic music.

Davidson’s first piece, soome, above, is an improvisation for piano, monome, arc and an application he created, grainstorm:

I’m using a hand-built arc prototype, generously on loan from tehn, who is very busy building and shipping monomes, dealing with the transition to serialosc required by the new edition and finalizing the arc firmware. I’m sure he’d prefer to be playing with the arc himself.

hardware: monome arc2 (knobs) monome64 (buttons)
software: grainstorm

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Stretta’s ‘Calculus’ Will Blow Your Mind

This mind-blowing video, directed by Franck Trebillac, is for Stretta’s Calculus.

The video is one of twelve music videos produced for Clear Notice’s debut release, Enter Calico – available on Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes as an audio album and iPad App. More videos from the release are available on the Clear Notice Vimeo channel. Continue reading