Inside An Analog Studio, With Canadian Producers Matt & Mark Thibideau

StudioFeed has a new interview, with twin techno producers Matt and Mark Thibideau who are ‘analog-gear heads’:

The Thibideau brothers developed a love for analog synthesizers at a young age. Collecting a staple of them mostly at unbeatable prices, their studio holds a variety of gear, each having it’s own story. Both studied music in school but knew they wanted to approach music differently.

Of course these synths play a significant role in their own productions and the more portable ones make it into live performances. Take a look at their passion which just kept growing.

The interview features lots of discussion about the pros of analog synths and a few stories of scoring deals..

Check it out and let us know what you think!

via Phil at StudioFeed

Arthur Oskan And Toronto’s Techno Scene

StudioFeed talks to Arthur Oskan and explores the history of Toronto’s techno scene:

A fixture of Toronto’s techno scene and one of the city’s leading live acts, Arthur Oskan’s deep and lush electronic sound has been reverberating throughout Toronto for over 20 years. It is this dedication to his craft that recently earned him Canada’s highest and most prestigious industry recognition; a Juno nomination for Best Electronic Album of the Year for his record, “A Little More Than Everything” released on Thoughtless Music.

But what does 20-years of making music look and feel like? How do you sustain that commitment to your craft and dedication to the city of Toronto when other electronic hubs like Montreal or Berlin beckon? Oskan provided StudioFeed with unparalleled access into his 20-year journey of making music in Toronto: the changes, the struggles and the long overdue recognition.

via StudioFeed on Vimeo