Le Strum MIDI Controller Like The Love Child Of An Omnichord & Stylophone

This video, via Jason Hotchkiss, demos Le Strum – a MIDI Strummed Chord Controller Kit, a sort of bizarre love child of an Omnichord & a Stylophone.

Using combinations of buttons, you can select a chord type (maj, min, 7, maj7, min7, dim, aug) and root note. The chord is then mapped across the pads, which you play with a wired stylus, sending output by MIDI.

Le Strum does not generate sounds itself, so it needs to be used with a MIDI instrument.  Continue reading

The Stylotar Stylophone Guitar Is Finger-Licking Nasty


Alex Glowaski created the Stylotar – a Stylophone + electric guitar hybrid that is finger-licking nasty.

“My favorite aspect of this misbegotten thing is that it’s an electronic instrument that must be wet to play,” notes Glowaski. “The conductivity isn’t great, so unless you’re a really sweaty person by nature, you need a little help to make the connection between the back strip and the thumbtacks.”

Here’s the video demo of the Stylotar in action: Continue reading

The Dubreq Stylophone S2 – “If You Don’t Want This, There Is Something Wrong With You!”

Remember when we covered the introduction of the new Dubreq Stylophone S2, and everybody thought it was kind of expensive for a Stylophone?

Marc Doty, known to some as the rock star of synth education for his series of in-depth videos, got his hands on a Stylophone S2 prototype and is impressed.

“If you don’t want this,” he says, “There is something wrong with you.”

Check out the video and let us know if you agree!
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