Zed Synth For iOS Offers Physical Modeling, Virtual Analog & Waveshaping


Developer Richard Meyer – creator of Patch Morpher – has introduced Zed Synth – a new software synthesizer for iPhone & iPad.

Zed Synthc combines virtual analog synthesis with physical modeling synthesis, letting you create ‘rich and immersive sounds’, ranging from bright electronic dance music patches to subtle and expressive solo instruments. Continue reading

The ‘Heart of Subtractive Synthesis’: The Moog Ladder Filter, Explained

Moog Music has a new video out today on The Moog Ladder Filter, the patent for which Bob Moog is being inducted into the National Inventors’ Hall of Fame.

Rick Shaich, Moog Hardware Engineer, narrates the video and explains the Ladder Filter’s important distinction of being “voltage controllable… It’s really the heart of subtractive synthesis, which is ‘The Moog Sound.'”

It’s a great explanation of what a Ladder Filter is/does, and the role it has played in modern music.

Sinevibes Intros Torsion Hybrid Synthesizer For OS X


SineVibes had introduced Torsion, a new monophonic Audio Unit synthesizer that offers multiple synthesis technologies and modulation sources.

Torsion’s sound structure is similar to a traditional subtractive synthesizer – three oscillators going into a low-pass filter and into an amplifier. But Torsion’s oscillators are different: they produce simple additive waves based on just a few partials, which are then enriched with spectral content using a technique called waveshape modelling (which literally “curls” the wave in real time).

To further spice the sound up, there is a ring modulator and an audio-range oscillator for filter FM. Continue reading

The 12 Days Of Modular Synthesis

YouTube Preview Image

This video, via synthesist Raul Pena, is the first in a series of 12 videos. The 12 Days Of Modular videos are themed around ‘modular synthesis’ and sound design.

See the rest in the series at Pena’s raulsworldofsynths YouTube channel.

Synth School With Subtractor In Propellerhead Reason

This tutorial takes a look at Subtractor synthesis in Propellerhead Reason.

It’s part of an excellent series of tutorials on Reason & Record by James Bernard. Continue reading

New Software Synth “Harmless” Actually Packed With Evil


Image Line has introduced Harmless, a software synth that creates the sounds of subtractive synthesis through additive synthesis.

“Everything is fake,” says Image Line, “the tone generator, the filter & its resonance, the phaser, all performed on the harmonics, before partials are computed.” Continue reading