PreSonus Intros Temblor T8 Subwoofer

presonus_temblor_t8-front_250PreSonus has announced the Temblor T8, an active subwoofer monitor speaker.

Designed for critical listening in the studio or at home, the PreSonus Temblor T8 active subwoofer is designed to complement any full-range monitoring system, making it ideal for personal studios, gaming, audiophiles, and home theaters.

The Temblor T8 includes a continuously variable lowpass filter (50 Hz to 130 Hz) for creating a seamless crossover transition and a switchable highpass filter that removes content below 80 Hz from the full-range signal sent to satellite speakers, so you can optimize your system for your room and your needs. Continue reading

New Yamaha HS Series Monitors Introduced at Musikmesse

Yama-HS-series03Yamaha introduced the second-generation HS Series studio monitor and subwoofer series at Musikmesse 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. The extended, revamped lineup features a new 6.5” monitor.

Improving on the original HS line, launched in 2006, the new HS series feature new transducers that achieve smooth response over a wide bandwidth and ensure the accuracy of signal reproduction throughout the audio spectrum. By upgrading to a 1″ tweeter (from the previous3/4″ models) the new monitor series provides an extended frequency range and delivers high-resolution sound. Yamaha engineers have optimized the HS powered monitor and subwoofer monitor system for a variety of music production environments. Continue reading

Moog Minitaur Bass Shredding – There Is No Escaping Sound!

YouTube Preview Image

Saturday Synth Porn: The latest official Moog Minitaur video goes straight to the ‘synth porn’ category, because it dispenses with plot entirely and gets straight to the subsonic action.

Here’s the slightly text of the video – though we know you don’t watch this stuff for the text….

“…any sound, soft or loud, sweet or nasty,
creates a multidimensional envelope
that does more than intrude
it takes over not only your acoustic space,
but your mind space as well.
There is no escaping sound.
It meets your body
and forcibly enters your mind,
not just through your ears
but also via your bones…”

Electro-Voice Debuts ZXA1-Sub

At The NAMM Show 2012: Audio equipment manufacturer Electro-Voice is launching a matching subwoofer for its best-selling ZXA1 compact self-powered loudspeaker at NAMM 2012 – the ZXA1-Sub, a product which the company says “punches above its weight.”

The ZXA1-Sub is designed to combine a portable size, good performance, and power. Equipped with a EV-engineered heavy-duty 12” woofer, a state-of-the-art 700-W amplifier, a durable 15-mm wood enclosure, and a maximum SPL rating of 126 dB, the ZXA1-Sub weighs “only” 46 lbs and measures 15.75“ x 17.5“ x 18.“

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Dude Adds 2000 Watt Bass Synthesizer To His ’92 Dodge Caravan

YouTube Preview Image

If there’s anybody that you don’t want driving up and down your street at night, it’s probably EXOcontralto.

This video documents how he hooked up a cheap Casio synth to his 2000 watt automotive sound system so he could rock his ’92 Dodge Caravan like no other, with massive “Loud Ass Bass.”

Details on this hack below. Continue reading

KRK Updates Rokit Subwoofer

KRK Systems has updated its popular KRK10s to match the new RokitG2 monitors.


The industrial design of the KRK10s leverages KRK’s research and development into baffle design and fabrication. The subwoofer’s curved front now matches the Rokit and VXT monitors’ diffraction reducing shape.

Updated electronics include a ground-lift switch for combating less than perfect electrical and audio grounding and a bypass footswitch that allows the subwoofer and crossover to be easily enabled and disabled. The bypass footswitch allows users to easily switch a mix from stereo or 2.1/5.1 sound environments. Improved amplifier heat sinking results in lower distortion at high power levels and the KRK10s has a lower noise floor than its predecessor.

The voicing has been slightly enhanced to provide even better mix clarity and precision and the scientifically designed front firing port reduces wall coupling and port turbulence.

I use a pair of first generation Rokit 5’s, paired with a Rokit 10s and have been happy with them – but the bypass footswitch is a great addition, along with the other tweaks.

Pricing and Availability:

The KRK10s replaces the existing RP10s subwoofer and will be available to buy in the UK from all good pro audio dealers for £299 inc. VAT