Last Chance On Interstellar Suite Surround Sound Collectors Edition

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Composer & synthesist Amin Bhatia is wrapping up an Indiegogo campaign for the 25th anniversary re-release of his Interstellar Suite.

The Interstellar Suite is a cult favorite for fans of classitronica and symphonic electronica. The Suite was inspired by the arrangements of Wendy Carlos and Isao Tomita, but is an original score.

Bhatia is offering a variety of editions of the release, ranging from a digital binaural version to a DVD version and some collector editions.

The campaign ends Thu Nov 15 at 11:59PM PT. See the Indiegogo site for details.

Interstellar Suite Getting 25th Anniversary Surround Sound Mix & More

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At the 2012 NAMM Show, I had the opportunity to talk with composers Amin Bhatia and Dave Gross about a project that they were starting – a surround sound version of Bhatia’s orchestral electronica classic, The Interstellar Suite.

Bhatia is probably best known for his soundtrack work for television, film and iMax projects, including Flashpoint, Iron Eagle II, and John Woo’s Once A Thief.

But Bhatia kicked off his career with an orchestral electronica album, The Interstellar Suite, that was inspired in part by his love of the soundtracks of John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith and in part by the classitronica works of synthesists like Isao Tomita. The suite features 9 sections, orchestrated for layers of synthesizers (Roland JX 10; Yamaha TX 816; Oberheim Expander; and a Minimoog) and a pair of crash cymbals.

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Symphonic Electronica Synth Jam

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It’s Sunday – so it’s time to bust out a few Sunday Synth Jams.

Every Sunday, we try to feature some of the most interesting synth jams and electronic music jams of the week.

This neoclassical synth + organ improvisation, Aria in D Major by Douglas Cassell, was improvised to explore his Roland Fantom XR’s newly installed SRX-06 Complete Orchestra Wave Expansion Board.

Cassell calls his home setup Orchestrator II. It features a stack of three MIDI keyboards (from Kurzweil, Korg & Roland) dominated by an American Guild of Organists’ 32-note pedal board & a 12-stop pipe organ.

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Karel Post’s Symphonic Electronica Synth Jam

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This video captures a symphonic electronica synth jam by Karel Post.

via karelpostthuis:

In the studio testing my revived Emulator 2.

It gave me such an inspirational sound that I created this “grande” musical piece. If you like this music, mail me to get your own FREE high quality copy of a first mixdown. It will NOT be available on CD or other medium, so if you like it you can only obtain your copy by contacting me personally.

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