Frozen Lifeforms Soundset For DUNE

Ghostwave Audio has released Frozen Lifeforms for DUNE software synthesizer, by Synapse Audio.

The bank contains 64 patches. It was designed for EDM/ambient/chill/electronica productions and is described as ‘a great way to give them a soft vintage flavor.’

These patches extensively use the modwheel, velocity and aftertouch to make them more expressive.

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New Antidote Rack Extension Synth Features Up To 800 Oscillators

Synapse Audio has introduced Antidote – a new software synth Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

Here’s what they have to say about Antidote:

  • Antidote RE is a brand-new virtual-analog software synthesizer for Propellerhead Reason. This Reason-exclusive device manages to combine the highest audio quality, flexibility and a fast work flow in an extremely easy-to-use Rack Extension. Antidote has been specifically developed to complement Reason, and to perfectly integrate into its environment.

Details below.

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Synapse Audio Intros Three Rack Extensions For Reason

Synapse Audio has released three new Rack Extension effects for Propellerhead Reason:

RM-1, above, is a virtual-analog ring modulator with a unique soft-saturation characteristic. Both an internal oscillator as well as mono and stereo side chains are available as a modulation source.

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New Kick Drum Synth For Mac, Windows

Synapse Audio has introduced EKS Pro, a VST/Audio Unit plugin for Mac & Windows, designed for creating electronic kickdrum sounds.

The plugin offers six high-quality sound models, a mix of vintage hardware emulations, and new, modern kick drum sound models. Despite their fundamentally different nature, all models respond to the sound parameters in largely the same way.

The user interface is organized into four sections controlling the pitch, the amplitude and pitch envelopes and its curvature, the attack stage and finally pitch modulation. This layout makes it simple and straightforward to program your own patches or modify existing ones.

EKS Pro for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available now for US $39. A free demo is available.

Synapse Audio Intros EKS-9 Electronic Bass Drum Synth


Synapse Audio has introduced EKS-9, unique VST/AU plugin dedicated to creating vintage-style electronic bass drum sounds – and has served up a sexy 3d ad for a virtual instrument to boot.


Its virtual analog engine is not only capable of authentic recreations of the sounds from such machines, but can synthesize new kick sounds with lots of punch, too.

The EKS-9 is available for Windows and Mac OS X. A free demo version is also available. It is fully functional, except that patches cannot be recalled and white noise is introduced every minute. Continue reading

Synapse Audio Introduces Poly-850

Synapse Audio has introduced Poly-850, a virtual instrument for Windows VST and DXi hosts. The Poly-850 is a VSTi / DXi synthesizer plug-in, which started out as an emulation of a vintage synth, but went beyond that by adding a several improvements and new features over the original.

The concept of the Poly-850 is simple: 2 oscillators, one filter for all voices, 3 envelopes, a modulation generator and a chorus effect. What makes the Poly-850 special, is the unique sound of the oscillators, and the quality of the chorus effect.

As a result, the Poly-850 is particularly great for warm backing sounds and atmospheric pad sounds, that fit nicely into the background of a mix. However you’ll find all kind of other useful sounds in the preset banks as well.

Synapse Poly 850

Features of the original Poly, also found in the Poly-850, include:

  • 2 oscillators, with 4 overtones each
  • 3 envelope generators, one for each osc and one for the filter
  • Global 12dB Lowpass filter
  • 6-stage envelopes
  • A Modulation Generator, for oscillator pitch and filter
  • Noise Generator
  • Chorus effect

The Poly-850 also offer these additional features:

  • Direct access to every parameter
  • Full Automation / MIDI support
  • Seamless overtone blend between saw and square
  • Velocity sensitive (programmable)
  • Adjustable polyphony, up to 16 voices

Poly-850 is available now for Windows in both VST and DXi formats and a demo version is availble for download at their web site at Synapse has announced a Mac OS X version also.