The Basics of Modular Synthesis

This video captures an introduction to the basics of modular synthesis, by Ian Taylor. Taylor demonstrates the basics of synthesis using a rare Digisound 80 modular synthesizer. Many of the Digisound module designs were published as DIY projects in British electronics magazines in the 1980’s. 

7 Subtractive Synthesis Tutorials

Roland Canada Product Specialist Jacob Watters shared this series of video tutorials that explore the basics of subtractive synthesis. The tutorials are created on the Roland System-1, but they are general enough to apply to most subtractive synths. The first video, above, looks at making string synth sound.

The Philosophy Of Berlin School Synthesizer Music

In the last few weeks, we’ve featured a few videos from Ralph Baumgartl‘s vlog, featuring his discussions with the German synth group Thau. In this video, Baumgartl talks with Thau (Bernd-Miachel Land and Frank Tischer) about why they play the music they do, their inspirations, and their take on what Berlin School synth music is. Land & Tischer also… Read More The Philosophy Of Berlin School Synthesizer Music