SONiVOX Releases Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0 – Their ‘Flagship Drum Instrument’

SONiVOX has released the updated version of their percussion instrument, Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0, their ‘flagship drum instrument’.

New features in Big Bang Universal Drums 2.0 include an integrated patch browser, new content, 64-bit VST and AU support, 15 GB of drum sounds; 16 kits and over 400 patches. Continue reading

The ‘Heart of Subtractive Synthesis’: The Moog Ladder Filter, Explained

Moog Music has a new video out today on The Moog Ladder Filter, the patent for which Bob Moog is being inducted into the National Inventors’ Hall of Fame.

Rick Shaich, Moog Hardware Engineer, narrates the video and explains the Ladder Filter’s important distinction of being “voltage controllable… It’s really the heart of subtractive synthesis, which is ‘The Moog Sound.'”

It’s a great explanation of what a Ladder Filter is/does, and the role it has played in modern music.

The Elektron Analog Four Synthesizer – Up Close And Personal

Elektron stopped by sonicstate to give an up close look at the new Analog Four synthesizer.

From the original freak you out teaser video to the official announcement, the Elektron Analog Four has been generating buzz, based both on the company’s reputation and the new synths unique features.  Continue reading

Roland Alpha Juno

YouTube Preview Image

The Roland Alpha Juno line was released in 1985. While the Alpha Juno synths have a basic architecture, they still sound great, because of their combination of analog filter & ‘warm’ chorus effect.

This audio demo is all Alpha Juno, featuring multi-tracked Roland Alpha Juno 1 and MKS 50 (rack mount). The only effects used are delay, reverb and auto-pan.

via Frippertronik

Live Cover Of Crockett’s Theme, By Jan Hammer

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Sunday Synth Jam: Kebu (Sebastian Teir) makes a return appearance, with his live performance of Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice track, Crockett’s Theme.

In the performance, Teir uses only analog synths and vintage sequencers. The video was recorded live at Dynamo, Turku, in May 2012.

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Sunrizer Synth Gets Two Free Sound Libraries

Sunrizer iPad software synthesizerDeveloper Constantin Aliferis has released two free sound libraries for Sunrizer synth for the iPad:

  • CFA Vintage Electronica Virtual Analogue provides vintage electronic sound patches.
  • CFA Ambient & Sound Design provides evolving and ambient sounds as well as arpeggios.

To get the libraries:

  • In Sunrizer, Open the patch library & select ‘Banks’;
  • Select ‘Web Library’ and click on the bank names

Sunrizer is available in the App Store for $4.99. Details are available at the developer’s site.

via Constantin Aliferis

The New Sound Of Music – A View Of Electronic Music From 1979

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The New Sound of Music is a vintage BBC documentary (1979) that looks at the development of recorded music, from the first barrel organs, pianolas, the phonograph, the magnetic tape recorder on to the concepts of musique concrete and electronic music.

Continue reading

Syntorial Puts Virtual Synthesizer Into Synthesis Training Program

Developer Joe Hanley has launched a KickStarter campaign for Syntorial – an interactive training program designed to help musicians program synth sounds faster and easier.

Handley says that Syntorial differs from other synth tutorials in two important ways:

  • It’s software. The current offerings of synth tutorials are either books, videos, articles or websites. While they can only present information, a program can interact with the user. And that’s just what Syntorial does. Through a series of challenges Syntorial gradually builds up your sound design skills so that by the end of the entire tutorial, you’re doing it.
  • Most tutorials focus on the technical ins-and-outs of synthesizers. Syntorial takes you through 58 different common synth parameters and trains your ear to instantly recognize how each one effects sound.

The deadline is Sep 22. It’s currently about 45% funded.

See the Syntorial Kickstarter site for details.

via Joe Hanley