Synthenoxe Part 1.0 – An Homage To Jean Michel Jarre & The Elka Synthex

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Wavebox’s Synthenoxe Part 1.0 is an homage to Jean Michel Jarre and the massive sound of the Elka Synthex.

Below, Wavebox comments on the inspiration for Synthenoxe and the rare Elka Synthex synthesizer.  Continue reading

Jean Michel Jarre’s Elka Synthex Preset

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This video demonstrates the source of Jean Michel Jarre‘s famous “laser harp” sound – an Elka Synthex preset.

First we find out that the synth master finger synced his early performances – now that he uses presets. Quel dommage!

Jarre made this sound memorable, though, through both his music and his iconic laser harp performances. Continue reading

Too Many Sexy Synths At The 2009 Kufstein Synthesizer Meeting

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Saturday Synth Porn: Impressions of the synthesizer meeting in Kufstein 2009. Continue reading

Elka Synthex – Full uncut version

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Paul Wiffen demonstrates a 1984 Elka Synthex – most famously used on Jean Michel Jarre’s Rendezvous as the Laserharp sound.

Paul also originally programmed the original presets.

Released in 1982, the Elka Synthex was an attempt to get a slice of the professional synth market, which was at that time dominated by Sequential Circuits’ Prophet 5 and Oberheim’s OBn polysynths. Continue reading