Vintage Synth Posters ‘A Lovely Gift For The Synthesizer Fetishist’

Reader Eric Carl let us know about a couple of cool vintage synth prints that he’s designed, for the ARP 2600 and EMS Synthi AKS.

Here are the details:

  • 18″ x 24″
  • Digital giclée print from Epson 7880
  • Archival Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink
  • Epson Enhanced Matte Paper
  • Limited editions of 100
  • Signed and numbered
  • $40 + shipping

He describes them as “A lovely gift for the synthesizer fetishist in all of us.”

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The New Sound Of Music – A View Of Electronic Music From 1979

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The New Sound of Music is a vintage BBC documentary (1979) that looks at the development of recorded music, from the first barrel organs, pianolas, the phonograph, the magnetic tape recorder on to the concepts of musique concrete and electronic music.

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Micronaut – Trapezoid

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Sunday Synth Jam: MicronautTrapezoid, via Cranda11:

No DAW, no MIDI, no computer. Entire track clocked from a single Doepfer LFO. If you’re listening to this on laptop speakers, you’re only hearing about half of it.

Synthi AKS (with no AKS, obviously.)
Doepfer LFO, Intellijel uStep, Makenoise Réne
Korg MaxiKorg, MS-20, and a MonoTribe for the drums
Eventide TimeFactor, circuit-bent BOSS RRV-10, and Roland Space Echo for effects.

Recorded to TASCAM TSR-8 tape deck.

More Micronaut music at

EMS Synthi AKS Mk 1 Improvisations

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This set of videos captures Alka’s improvisations on the EMS Synthi AKS Mk 1 analog synthesizer.

The EMS Synthi AKS has been in production, if only with extremely limited availability, since 1972. It’s notable for its suitcase design, matrix synthesizer patching and popularity with synth pioneers, including Brian Eno, Jean Michel Jarre and Pink Floyd.

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Free ‘EMS Synthi’ Loop Collection

Kent Sandvik has released another free loop library – the Kent Loop Collection Volume 6 – EMS Synthi.

This volume contains 50 synthi-like loops made with XILS Labs XILX 3 plug-in in the tradition of synthi-like sounds, sequencer patterns, odd bleeps, effects, as well as leads and bass lines.

Per Sandvik, “You are not allowed to make crappy music with these loops. Make hippie-electro music with these loops.”

Dr Peter Zinovieff On EMS, Working With Delia Derbyshire

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This is just a teaser for the Red Bull interview with Dr Peter Zinovieff of EMS, but it did its job and left me wanting more.

In the excerpt, Zinovieff discusses working with Delia Derbyshire and talks about the early days of Electronic Music Studios, “the world’s longest established synthesizer manufacturer.”

via redbullmusicacademy

Scary-Ass Safety Video, Rescored With An EMS Synthi VCS3

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Ever wonder why people were so freaked out in the 60’s?

Maybe it was disillusionment over racism, sexism, consumerism and war.

But, then again, maybe it was because kids had to watch disturbing public safety films like this one.

One Got Fat features one kid in a monkey mask after another dying tragically, because they didn’t obey traffic laws. That’ll teach those monkeys!

via simonsound1:

You should be watching me turning the dials and patching the pins on the EMS Synthi VCS3, but my video camera corrupted the file.

So instead you get to hear the VCS3 provide a new soundtrack for the strange cycling safety film from the 60’s ‘One Got Fat’.

I didn’t ‘write to picture’ so its no work of art! But I do think the VCS3 offers a suitably weird soundtrack to this already odd film.