Apollo Documentary Looks At What Drives Us To Make Music

This short documentary film looks at Dutch synthesist Michel van Osenbruggen, the events that have inspired him and what led him to producing his own electronic music.

Readers may be familiar to Osenbruggen’s series of albums, released as, including Apollo, Atmosphere and Primitives. Osenbruggen is also the man behind ‘the ultimate synth-cave‘, Apollo StudiosContinue reading

Jeffrey’s Father Had A Lot Of Trouble Getting Him Back Home

Synthesist Michel van Osenbruggen (aka, tells a great story at his site about meeting a precocious young man named Jeffrey, who’s really into synths:

Just before I went on holiday, I had a visitor over in my studio.

In the picture, you see ‘Keyboard Jeff’ aka ‘Synthex’ because of his love of the Elka. Jeffrey is 13 years old and a very talented keyboard player with a unfamiliar musical taste for a boy of his age. He doesn’t play dance or whatever, but he likes 80’s synthesizer music.

 I met him at the E-live festival in Eindhoven were he approached me and told me he knew all my music and my videos from my website.

van Osenbruggen invited him to visit his Apollo Studio‘the ultimate synth cave’, gave him a tour and even spent some time jamming with him.

Needless to say, ‘Jeffrey’s father had lot of trouble getting him back home’. We can understand why.

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Synthesizer Heaven!

If there’s a synthesizer heaven, it would probably look like the studio of Michel van Osenbruggen.

Osenbruggen, who performs as, has shared a fantastic series of photos of his studio, including this shot of his drool-worthy monster synth and a shot of his workstation area, below.

If you can handle it, click on the photos to see them in their full HD glory.

Armin van Buuren, Fanboy


Jean Michel Jarre posted this photo of himself and Armin van Buuren, after his Amsterdam concert:

After the show, I met Armin van Buuren. He told me he was a great fan of mine and that my music inspired him to become a musician!

I felt really honored coming from one of the 2 or 3 best DJs in the world.

We discussed about how my music has influenced trance music, which is so huge all over the world, except in France where we are more electro. I definitely feel part of that trance family. Armin is also a great human being and we promised to each other to keep the contact and to collaborate on one project, one of these days.

It’s a great photo – because superstar DJ Armin van Buren has the same look on his face as every other musician meeting one of his heroes.

That look that says “This is so awesome that my brain can’t entirely process it!” Continue reading

A Guide To Building A PAIA 9700s Modular Synthesizer has published a nice series on building a PAIA 9700s modular synthesizer:

It was a lot of fun building and it was actually my first experience with a modular at all. And after building this I just wanted to build more. The kit supplied by PAIA is very complete and the instructions in the manual are very clear. I do think though that you need a bit of electronics experience to build this one. 

Here’s a link to the pages in the series: – Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a great new album of synth music album from Dutch synthesist Michel van Osenbruggen, aka

Atmosphere is a concept album, based on the layers of atmosphere that surround the Earth, the various types of clouds that are encountered within each layer and the sounds of weather that might occur at each layer.

The tracks are arranged to follow the layers of the atmosphere, as if you were taking a trip from the earth into space.

The “atmosphere” concept isn’t heavy-handed, but serves as a framework for Osenbruggen’s music, which is electronic music in the synth music tradition of artists like Tangerine Dream, 80’s Jan Hammer & Jean Michel Jarre. The music has a symphonic electronica texture with an emphasis on traditional analog-style sounds. Continue reading