The 25 Best Synthpop Tracks Ever

just-cant-get-enoughWhen we asked Synthtopia readers what songs are the best synthpop tracks ever, you responded with an amazing number of comments.

We appreciated the feedback – we just can’t get enough – but we thought readers might also be interested in a list of the best synthpop songs of all time.

Here are the The 25 Best Synthpop Tracks Ever, as picked by Synthtopia readers. We’ve included music videos for the top 10, embedded below.

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The Pet Shop Boys At Moogfest 2014


UK synth pop group Pet Shop Boys headlined the first night of Moogfest 2014, being held April 23-27 in Asheville, NC.

The duo, Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe, pair spectacular visuals, costumes, sets and dancing with a slightly cool onstage presence, in a combination that seems to fit their music perfectly. pet-shop-boys-moogfest-2

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Open Mic: What’s The Best Synthpop Track Ever?

synthpopAs long as there have been synthesizers, there have been composers creating pop synth music. Many of the earliest synth albums were ‘switched on’ or ‘mooged out’ versions of pop tracks, and tracks like Gershon Kingsley’s Popcorn and Kraftwerk’s Autobahn were the first synth music that many people ever heard.

But it took another decade for synth pop to take off as a genre, lead by artists like Gary Numan, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Ultravox & Depeche Mode. And it’s never really gone away since.  Continue reading

Free Music From The Electric Witch

Reader Zac Bentz let us know about a couple of new albums released by his project The Electric Witch.

  • Assassin is an album of dark synthpop originals with vocalist Marcus Matthews; and
  • NEScapism is a collection of Nintendo covers. Bentz notes, “These are the songs that I would let play over and over, ignoring whatever might have been happening on-screen.”

On both albums, Bentz makes extensive use of iPad synths, including Animoog, DM1 and Sunrizer, along with some microKorg vocoding.

The albums are available now for $1 or more. You can stream them for free via the links above, and Bentz has released a free track for each album.

You can download a free track from Assassin, the title track, above.

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