Synthrotek MST Expressor Lets You Use Expression Pedals With Your Euro Modular

MST_EXPRESSOR_SQUARE-500x500Synthrotek has introduced the MST Expressor – a Eurorack module allows you to use expression pedals with your modular synth

The Expressor has two identical powered expression pedal processing units in one module, allowing you to do things such as:

  • Control volume with your foot
  • Attenuate CV or audio if no expression pedal is plugged in
  • Add positive or negative voltage with the flick of an ankle:
  • Sweep a filter cutoff
  • Transpose CV
  • Pitch bend
  • Direct audio volume control
  • Attenuate and expand external CV
  • LFO rate adjustment
  • Modulation amount control

Here’s the official video overview: Continue reading

Synthrotek West Coast Noise System Sound Demo

Synthrotek shared this sound demo of their new West Coast Noise System – an all-in-one Eurorack modular system, inspired by classic ‘West Coast Synthesis’.

“The amount of insanity you can create from so few modules is incredible,” according to Synthrotek.  “It’s analog drums, 8 bit crunch and noise married to a sequencer.” Continue reading

Synthrotek ‘Super Stoked’ To Intro Mattson Eurorack VCO Module


Synthrotek’s Steve Harmon says he’s ‘super stoked’ to release their new MST VCO Eurorack module.

Why’s he super stoked? Because it completes Synthrotek’s MST line, one of the only complete Eurorack monophonic voices that’s available in both kit and complete form. Continue reading