Jordan Rudess At Windows 8 “Build” Show – Making Music On A 27″ Touchscreen

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This video captures Jordan Rudess‘s demo at the Windows 8 “Build” Show. He kicks off with a prog synth jam, before moving on to demonstrations of his Wizdom music apps, MorphWiz & Tachyon, running on a 27″ Lenovo Windows 8 touchscreen computer.

The technical demos kick in around 9 minutes into the video.

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Open Mic: What Are Your Favorite Music Apps For iOS?

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Open Mic: This video captures Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess demoing his favorite music apps for iOS, including: Magellan, Tachyon, Cassini, Nlog, Cylon Voice, Garage Band, Geo Synthesizer, DrumJam, NanoStudio, SynthX, VoiceSynth, BitWiz, SpaceWiz, Animoog, iDensity, iKaossilator, PixiTracker, TC-11, MorphWiz and SampleWiz.

What are your favorite music apps for iOS?

Wizdom Music’s Tachyon Lets You Morph Between Sounds As You Play Polyphonically

Wizdom Music has released a new iOS app, Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier’s Tachyon, that lets you morph between two sounds, polyphonically.

Here’s what they have to say about Tachyon:

Most instruments only allow you to play one sound at a time, but with Tachyon, you can seamlessly blend between any two sounds as you slide your fingers up and down the screen.

The visual experience of Tachyon is just as mesmerizing. As you move along the playing surface, a field of twinkling stars morphs into the shape of your selected instrument, allowing a direct correlation between sight and sound.

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Wizdom Music Tachyon – Free Download For Mac OS X

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Reader ‘fatbackribs’ let us know about  new free music app for the Mac:

Just a heads up on the upcoming iOS app from Jordan R. and Wizdom Music.

You can download a free mac os version of Tachyon on the Wizdom Music site. Without a multitouch trackpad you’ll only be able to to play one note at a time, but you can still get a nice preview of the sounds and features for the iOS version. Check it out.

Preview above features the iOS version of Tachyon.