Skoog 2 – An Accessible Wireless MIDI Controller

The original Skoog is a MIDI controller that looks like a big squishy toy. It was designed to be accessible and bring physical modeling synthesis, sampling and MIDI to users that may not be able to use a standard controller.

Now Skoog Music has announced the Skoog 2.0, above, a new version that’s designed to be more affordable and more powerful. Continue reading

Tangerine Dream – Sorcerer (Soundtrack)

tangerine-dream-sorcerorTangerine Dream has been hugely influential in the world of film soundtracks, and, more recently, in the world of video game soundtracks. The group has scored over 50 films, including indie films, ‘b’ movies and mainstream Hollywood films.

While it was not their first soundtrack, their score for the 1977 William Friedkin flim, Sorceror, kicked off a 15-year period of intense soundtrack work.

The film was a bomb when it was released. It followed Friedkin’s critically acclaimed and wildly successful The Exorcist. Viewers may have expected another supernatural-themed story, based on the film’s title, or may have been put off by the film’s non-English sections.

Since then, though, Sorcerer has gained respect as an intense, existential thriller – and Tangerine Dream’s music has become one of their most well-respected soundtracks.

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Old School Berliner Schule Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a studio improvisation by Eric G., who calls his music “Old EM for a new time.”

He’s not joking about the old school sound, either. Readers may hear strong echoes of early 70’s sound of Tangerine Dream and Berlin School (Berliner Schule) music.  Continue reading

Live Berlin School Electronic Music Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s an improvised Berlin School style concert, featuring Hajo Liese, Till Kopper & René van der Wouden.

The goal of this trio’s collaboration, according to van der Wouden, was “to do an improvised electronic music concert like those of the Tangerine Dream in the seventies by some fans.” Continue reading