Old School Berliner Schule Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a studio improvisation by Eric G., who calls his music “Old EM for a new time.”

He’s not joking about the old school sound, either. Readers may hear strong echoes of early 70’s sound of Tangerine Dream and Berlin School (Berliner Schule) music.  Continue reading

Live Berlin School Electronic Music Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s an improvised Berlin School style concert, featuring Hajo Liese, Till Kopper & René van der Wouden.

The goal of this trio’s collaboration, according to van der Wouden, was “to do an improvised electronic music concert like those of the Tangerine Dream in the seventies by some fans.” Continue reading

Sequencing ‘Love On A Real Train’

Here’s a Free Music Friday double whammy!

Synthesist and modular synth developer Suit And Tie Guy has shared a couple of covers of the Tangerine Dream classic, Love On A Real Train.

“Both tracks were recorded as one contiguous take in the studio direct to 2 track and no editing was engaged,” he notes. “No processing other than compression was employed in the computer.”

But wait – there’s more! Continue reading

Tangerine Dream Remix Contest

AudioPorn Central, Moonpop Music and Point Blank Music School have teamed up on a Tangerine Dream remix contest:

The track, Sun Son’s Seal (Part 1), comes from TD’s 2004 album Purgatorio.

Contest organizers say that this is the first time ever anyone besides the band has had official access to the stems to remix a Tangerine Dream song.

The winning remix will be selected by TD’s Jerome Froese and be included on an upcoming release.

You can preview the track below:

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