Evolvor Sound Design App For Percussa AudioCubes

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This is a quick demo of the Evolvor sound design app for Percussa AudioCubes.

Evolvor is a MIDI application which generates LFO (low frequency oscillator) envelopes, which it sends via MIDI to any hardware or software synthesizer or sound effect connected to your computer.

Each envelope can be drawn using the built-in graphical envelope editors. Envelopes can be played back and looped with adjustable speed (by setting the cycle time in milliseconds).

Envelopes can lead or follow, which means that they play back by themselves (lead) or sum their own looping signal with signals from other envelopes (follow).

Each of the envelopes is automatically linked to a physical AudioCube on your table, a smart wireless block capable of detecting other blocks nearby, which are also attached to (other) envelopes.

When blocks are next to each other, wireless connections are formed, and envelopes will automatically sum up in the Evolvor software, creating new LFOs for your synths and effects in real-time. The AudioCubes display bright colors as visual feedback, which helps make it clear which envelope is where on your table.

By drawing your own envelopes and looping and summing them at various speeds, you can create complex sounds and sound effects.

See the Percussa site for more info on Evolvor.

The Story Of The Reactable

Melissa Willenborg‘s Reactable Systems is a a four-minute documentary looking at the concept behind the invention of the Reactable an electronic instrument based on a touch-screen table-top interface.

Got $13,000? Get Yourself A Reactable Tangible Synthesizer!

reactableGot an extra $13,000?

Then you may want to pre-order a Reactable Live! – a performance-oriented version of the acclaimed Reactable.


The Reactable Live! It brings all the possibilities of the original Reactable and makes it portable and easy to setup.

The Live! version of the instrument allows you to touch and see the music while performing. The different sound generation and manipulation modules, which are real physical objects, permit infinite flexibility and control in musical expression. Exploring and using modern techniques of music production has never been easier or more exciting.

The Reactable was conceived as an instrument to bring back the expressive possibilities of traditional instruments to musicians who are working with new technologies. It uses concepts of modular synthesis, sampling, advanced digital effects processing, and DJing and combines them with modern human computer interaction, multitouch technology and a tangible interface. The Reactable Live! is a completely new experience in live music performance. Continue reading

Percussa’s Bert Schiettecatte On Laser Harps, AudioCubes & The Future Of Tangible Interfaces

Musician/blogger Mark Mosher is a big fan of the Percussa AudioCubes and has posted several articles at his site about the unique controllers.

He recently interviewed the inventor of the AudioCubes, Bert Schiettecatte, to get the story behind the devices, how they work and Schiettecatte’s views on the future of tangible interfaces.

See Mosher’s site (ModulateThis!) for more info about the interview and the Percussa site for details on the devices.

Interactive Music Table Lets You Score With Your Hands

Noteput is an interactive music table with tangible notes, that combines the three senses of hearing, sight and touch to make learning the classical notation of music more easy and interesting. It’s also demonstrates a basic tangible music interface.

via Jonas Heuer, psfk

Sound Mites, Tiny Tangible Interface Synthesizers

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This is a video demo of Sound Mites, David Bouchards Tangible Sound Interface synths.

The work consists of a set of small tangible nodes that alter their behavior according to the nearby nodes, in an asynchronous fashion. Nodes have magnets on the bottom and are deployed on a flat metallic surface. Each node is equipped with a small speaker that generates a musical tone according to the state of its immediate neighbors and a simple set of rules. Nodes also provide visual feedback on their current state by means of colored lighting. Finally, the nodes sense touch through a thin metal rim and can toggle their state to reflect the interventions of viewers.

The nodes are fully independent from one another. Users can reconfigure the topology of the system in real-time by moving the nodes around and rearranging them, creating an ever-changing sound texture with unique qualities, revealed through the use of a large number of sound sources physically distributed in space.

via MediaArtTube:

Sound Mites explores how simple localized interactions between elements of a system can sometime result in unexpected complex patterns.

My intent with this project is twofold. On one hand, I wish to explore how we can leverage emergent phenomenons to design more engaging audio/visual experiences. On the other, I hope that the direct manipulation of the nodes will help viewers get a better understanding and appreciation of emerging patterns within distributed systems.

Circular Sequencer For Music Synthesizers

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The Spinner Synth is a prototype MIDI controller made with a piece of scrap wood, a webcam and some tape.

This is a circular controller for a synthesizer, using the openCV visualization library to analyze a series of points on a rotating wheel, and generate MIDI events.

Details here.

via Mahto:

Make A Tangible Music Controller With Trackmate

In this video, Trackmate, a do-it-yourself tangible tracking system, is used to control a LusidOSC spatial application that sequences sounds to create and mix music.
Continue reading