The Boombox Project

Off Topic: The Boombox Project is a short film, by Paul Stone, that looks at photographer Lyle Owerko and his ‘creative anthropologist’ appproach to documenting the history of the boombox.

More info on The Boombox Project is available at Owerko’s site.

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New CNTRL:R Step Sequencer From Richie Hawtin & Livid Instruments

YouTube Preview Image

This is a sneak preview of CNTRL:R – a new Max for Live sequencer designed by Livid Instruments and Richie Hawtin.


  • Integrated with 16 pad Drum Racks in Live
  • 16 steps per Drum Pad
  • easily mute a whole sequence
  • full envelope control for each Drum Pad sound
  • control pitch, volume, pan, and filter for each step
  • creative step variations for on-the fly editing
  • 16th notes or triplets
  • variable note value “repeat”
  • create and recall up to 32 presets for each sequence
  • full interactive control with CNTRL:R

More preview videos below.

Availability and pricing are to be announced.

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Moon Modular 6005 Teaser – Can You Guess What This Is?

YouTube Preview Image

We’re heading into the 2012 NAMM Show, and you know what that means……teaser videos.

Moon Modular has a teaser for the “#6005”. We’ve got no idea what they’re introducing. But we’re pretty sure we want it and it’s out of our price range.

Any guesses?

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EvilFish 303 – An Acid Machine For Ableton Live

YouTube Preview Image

The guys at Sonic Faction send word of a new instrument that they’ve released for Ableton Live, the EvilFish 303:

Sonic Faction meticulously sampled the Devil Fish 303 and added their own tweaks and mods to it. The result is a pure, raw-sounding, viscous, analog beast! Plus, this is one of the first Ableton Instruments to come with its own custom Max for Live patch for fully integrated control and step sequencing on a Novation Launchpad.


  • High quality multi-sampled analog instrument
  • 6 levels of real analog overdrive, 5 types of digital distortion
  • 8 filter types including classic 303, LP, HP, BP, Vintage
  • Built in FX Rack: Waveshaper, FM filter, Pumper, Delay
  • Includes custom made Max for Live step sequencer for Launchpad

EvilFish 303 is available for $19.99 at the Sonic Faction website. It includes the free Max for Live patch.

Nth Synth (Sneak Preview)

This is a sneak preview of Nth Synth – a new boutique synthesizer, now under development. The project is a collaboration between Sineqube & Highly Liquid.

Details are still to be announced, but here are a few photos and multimedia demos!

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s an audio demo:

Nth Synth demo details:

Recorded in one take. A touch of delay, compression, EQ. Generative percussion patch accompanying the Nth Synthesizer.

More audio demos are available at the nsynth blog.

The Macbeth X-Series Modular Synthesizer

YouTube Preview Image

MacBeth Studio Systems has a new 3U series of synth modules on the way – the X-Series.

Here’s a sneak preview of these new modules, featuring black and white close up knob tweaking that borders on the fetishistic.

“This is first short intro vid for the new Macbeth X-Series Modules in 3U,” say Ken MacBeth. “You are basically listening to one oscillator triggering two dual EGs sweeping the the dual SV filter- so it’s one filter module that you are hearing!”

Specs and pricing are to come but the MacBeth site has info on the initial set of modules. The modules are expected to be available from Analogue Haven and Schneidersladen shortly.