iTONTO App Documents “World’s Largest Synthesizer”, Benefits Bob Moog Foundation


Synthesizer pioneer and Grammy Award-winning producer Malcolm Cecil has introduced iTONTO, an app for iPad and iPhone that offers up a trove of historical and technical information about the world’s largest synthesizer, TONTO.

Best known for its prominence on four Stevie Wonder albums in the late 1970s, TONTO is a behemoth assemblage of various synthesizers and custom components, making it a legend in a field with no shortage of innovative instruments. Continue reading

Cruise to the Edge ‘Prog Cruise’ Plans Events To Benefit Bob Moog Foundation

cruise-to-the-edgeCruise to the Edge, a progressive rock cruise, which sails from November 15-19, 2015, will feature a massive line up of classic and modern prog bands.

The cruise will also feature two events to benefit the non-profit Bob Moog Foundation.

The five-night cruise will feature multiple stages of progressive rock music, from Yes, Marillion, Allan Holdsworth & 25+ bands. Continue reading

The Bob Moog Foundation Expands Its Archive

marc-doty-bob-moog-foundationThe Bob Moog Foundation announced today, at the 2014 NAMM Show, significant additions to the Asheville-based foundation’s archives,

Michelle Moog-Koussa, executive director of the Bob Moog Foundation (BMF) and Bob Moog’s daughter, announced the additions, including:

  • over 1,000 schematic drawings from 1965 to 1985;
  • several rare prototypes, including:
    • a Moog Apollo synthesizer (the Apollo became the prototype for the Polymoog);
    • the Moog Liberation;
    • the Moog 1130 Drum Controller;
    • Moog Sequencer;
    • Moog Song Producer;
    • Moog Feedback Suppressor; and
  • Production models of the Minimoog and a Moog Vocoder.

“These instruments and drawings join our growing collection of treasures that includes, among other items, Roger Powell’s custom dual-keyboard controller, designed by Bob; a duophonic Minimoog; and two vintage theremins.” Continue reading

King Britt Update On The Upcoming Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit & More

DJ & producer King Britt is in the Asheville area this week. Chris Stack of experimentalsynth caught up with Britt for an update on what he’s doing at the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF), during the week with The Bob Moog Foundation and at the Mountain Oasis Festival Electronic Music Summit with Pia Ercole.

The Future Of Moogfest & Moogfest 2013

moogfest-2013Moog and The Bob Moog Foundation have released an official statement on the future of Moogfest:

Moogfest was founded in 2004 by Moog Music Inc., in honor of the company’s founder and the man whose name the festival bears, Dr. Bob Moog. Since then the festival has been overseen by the company Bob started, Moog Music Inc.

Moog Music is excited to work closely with The Bob Moog Foundation, the City of Asheville, our fans and partners to make Moogfest 2013 a dynamic celebration of the innovative spirit of Bob Moog. Bob was a visionary, whose groundbreaking concepts and electronic musical instruments have forever impacted music. His humble genius reached far beyond the mountains of Western North Carolina, influencing designers and creators all over the world in wildly diverse fields.

Moogfest 2013 will honor Bob’s passion for new ideas, technical curiosity and of course will support boundary pushing musical artists.

Rest assured, Asheville will always be the home of Moogfest.

AC Entertainment, the producers of Moogfest 2010-2012, recently announced that they were renaming the festival they run as the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit.

via BMF

The Foundations Of Synthesis Video Tutorial Series

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced a new video series, in partnership with, looking at The Foundations of Synthesis.

The Foundation of Synthesis series features BMF Education and Archive Specialist Marc Doty and cover a variety of topics, including:

  • The Synthesis of Synthesis
  • Oscillators
  • Filters
  • Control Voltage
  • Amps, Ring Modulators, S&H and more
  • Applied Synthesis

On several of the videos, synthesist Erik Norlander assists the lesson with a demonstration on his 22 oscillator Wall of Doom modular Moog synthesizer.

Continue reading

Last Day For Bob Moog Foundation’s IndieGoGo Campaign

YouTube Preview Image

Michelle Moog-Koussa wrote to let us know that this is the last day for The Bob Moog Foundation‘s IndieGoGo Campaign to raise money for Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool. 

The SoundSchool is their program to inspire kids to study science using synthesis. Students use theremins and synthesizers, along with acoustic instruments, to make music and experience, hands-on, how sound travels. They also discover how sound waves and sonic vibrations are created by using electricity and magnetic fields.

Now the Foundation wants to bring the program to a national audience, so they are trying to raise the money to do this.

If you haven’t already, check out the Foundation’s campaign at IndieGoGo.