Chemical Brothers’ Tron-Inspired Velodrome Video

Crystal CG created this three minute animated sequence, for the The Chemical Brother‘s Velodrome. The video is played in the Velodrome before each session.

“We’ve created sweeping contours and sleek surfaces as the backdrop for an intense, futuristic cycling ‘duel’ as two animated riders power round the track,” said Darren Groucutt, creative director at Crystal. “It truly brings the Velodrome to life.”

Just as The Chemical Brothers’ track has a retro electronic influence, the video is clearly inspired by visuals from the original Tron.

Basement Jaxx Scoring ‘Attack The Block’ – Who Would You Pick To Score A Movie?

Here’s a preview of the work Basement Jaxx is doing for the score for the upcoming inner city vs outer space thriller, Attack The Block.

Steven Price is credited with the soundtrack and Basement Jaxx with ‘additional music’. It’s Basement Jaxx’s debut as film score writers.

They describe their track The Ends, above, a s a “big brooding slice of bagpipe dubstep.”

The soundtrack follow recents electronic scores by Daft Punk (Tron Legacy), The Chemical Brothers (Hanna) and The Crystal Method (London).

It’s been a long time, though, since there’s been an electronic soundtrack on a par with Wendy Carlos’s A Clockwork Orange, the Vangelis score for Blade Runner or Brian Eno’s Apollo.

Who would you like to hear score a new film? And are there some electronic scores for recent films that you think didn’t get enough attention?

The Chemical Brothers’ Soundtrack To ‘Hanna’ Coming March 14th

The Chemical Brothers' Hanna soundtrack coming March 14thThe Chemical Brothers have announced that their soundtrack for director Joe Wright’s adventure thriller Hanna will be released through iTunes on March 14/15th globally, in advance of the film’s April 8th theatrical release.

The film stars Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, and Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett.

The Chemical Brothers’ soundtrack features 20 tracks that reflect the experiences of Hanna (played by Ronan) as she is pursued across Europe.

The Hanna soundtrack is the band’s first release since Further, which was released in 2010. You can preview the soundtrack fro the next 24 hours on MySpaceContinue reading

Natalie Portman Turns Evil In Black Swan Music Video

YouTube Preview Image

Natalie Portman turns evil in this music video/promo for Black Swan, an upcoming psychological thriller.

Apparently the soundtrack features new tracks by The Chemical Brothers, among others:

  • Apotheosis – Pete Min
  • Danka Jane – The Chemical Brothers
  • Outside the Lines – Sepalcure featuring Angelica Bess
  • The White Easton – Al Tourettes
  • Illicit Dreaming – Kavsrave
  • Electric Hands – The Chemical Brothers
  • The Nina Frequency – The Chemical Brothers
  • Dark Sygnet – Jakes

TouchAble Mash up

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jams: This is a TouchAble/ Ableton Live mashup, by Zak Gott, that features Lou Reed, Jay-Z, Queen, Chemical Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, among others.

Gott improvised the mashup, using TouchAble on an iPad to control Ableton Live.

More videos from Gott are available on his YouTube channel.