Moog Factory Tour – LEV-96 & The Prototype Room

This video, via Uniquesquared, wraps ups their tour of Moog Music.

Moog’s Jim Debardi takes a look at what goes on in the company’s new technology room and discusses a LEV-96, a new system that’s designed to process and control natural harmonic tones. Continue reading

What Does The ‘Table PC’ Mean For Electronic Music?

PC maker Lenovo has introduced  the IdeaCentre Horizon – a new Windows 8 computer that they put in a new category, ‘multitouch table PC‘.

The Horizon offers several features – like a giant multi-touch screen and support for tangible computing – that seemed futuristic just a few years ago, but are now coming to mainstream computers.

Here’s a video intro to the Horizon: Continue reading

The 10 Most Talked About Synth Stories Of 2012

light synthesizer2012 was an interesting year in synths and electronic music gear.

2012 brought a resurgence of analog gear, a major Windows release that holds promise for new types of music apps, a growing acceptance of mobile music making tools and many surprising announcements.

The most talked about stories of 2012 at Synthtopia reflect these changing technologies. But more importantly, they reflect the debate over how new technologies fit into music-making.

Check out the list and let us know what you think!

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AirHarp For The Leap Motion

YouTube Preview Image

Developer Andy Somers let us know about his AirHarp app for the Leap Motion USB motion sensor:

AirHarp is the result of a weekend hacking session with a Leap Motion dev board. Leap Motion is a highly precise and responsive motion tracking device, making it a perfect tool for expressive musical interactions.

AirHarp is being developed in C++ using my audio processing toolkit, MusKit. The source code for both projects is available at

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Did The Mayans Really Predict The Demise Of Apple’s Logic Pro?

Multiple blogs have speculated in the last day that 2012 may see the demise of Logic Pro:

  • Bobby Owsinski writes “word has leaked out of Apple Europe (where Logic development is based) that the company has let go virtually its entire Logic team.”
  • At MacWorld, Karen Haslam says “There may be no future for Apple’s pro audio application Logic if reports that the company has ‘decimated’ its Pro Audio applications team turn out to be true..”
  • “There may be no future for Apple’s pro audio application Logic,” according to Computerworld, “if reports that the company has ‘decimated’ its Pro Audio applications team turn out to be true.”

Yes – and the Mayans may have predicted the demise of Logic Pro in 2012 – if it turns out that Apple actually kills off Logic Pro this year, based on a lost Mayan prophecy.

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Should Musicians Upgrade To Windows 8?

Should musicians upgrade to Microsoft’s new Windows 8?

Based on initial reports, few Windows users are rushing to upgrade.

But musicians have unique requirements, and Windows 8 promises to deliver better performance for music programs and to allow for new types of Windows multi-touch apps. As iOS developer Rob Fielding (Mugician, Geo Synth) puts it, “Microsoft realizes that music apps are going to push the touch hardware the way that games apps pushed parallel processing.”

Should you upgrade? We’ve received a lot of feedback from readers on Windows 8 already. It falls into four main categories:

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