The Theresyn Is A New Theremin + Synthesizer Hybrid


The Thérésyn is a new theremin + synthesizer hybrid, that’s designed to combine the best features of the theremin with powerful synthesis options.

The Theresyn is created by a group of talented instrument designers:

  • Nori Ubukata (left) – thereminist and Theresyn concept designer
  • Chris Dubier (middle) – custom woodwork design
  • Yves Usson (right) – circuit designer (Usson is known for his work on the Arturia MiniBrute and MicroBrute)

In addition to its synthesis capabilities, a key difference between a regular theremin and the Theresyn is that the Theresyn adds a touch pad amplitude controller, which allows for articulations that aren’t possible on a standard theremin.

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Ann Arbor’s Synth Lending Library Lets You Check Out Synths, Drum Machines, A Theremin & More


We recently featured the Lawrence, Kansas Public Library, which has a recording studio you can check out and is getting a large-format monster synth.

Another library that is innovating by letting you check out creative tools is the Ann Arbor District Library. The library features the usual books, DVDs & CDs – but they also have a comprehensive Music Tools collection.
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