Star Trek Meets Coltrane, After The Rain

Sunday Synth Jam: New York Thereminist Rob Schwimmer plays a Star TrekColtrane After The Rain medley on a 1929 RCA “theremin of reknown.”

Schwimmer had this to say about playing the H. Whipple Abbott theremin: “84 years old electronics! And so thick sounding it’s as if you’re touching somebody.”

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Boogie Woogie Style, With A Chorus Of Matryoshka Doll Theremins

This video captures a performance of Symphony No.9, Boogie, by Matryomin Ensemble “Da”.

The Matryomin is a Matryoshka doll theremin, created by Japanese thereminist Masami Takeuchi. It consists of a miniature pitch-only theremin, encased in a Russian matryoshka doll. Continue reading

Custom ’303 Energy’ Features Two Dark Star Synths, Sequencer & Theremin


The custom 303 Energy is a sequencer synthesizer, based on two Doepfer A-111-5 Dark Energy synthesizers and an Acidlab Autobot.

If that isn’t enough – it has two built-in theremins to control the dual synths’ filters.

Here’s a demo of the 303 Energy in action: Continue reading