Free Software Synthesizer For Windows – Firebird 2

free-software-synth-for-windowsTone2 Audiosoftware has released its FireBird 2 software synthesizer instrument for Windows as a free download.

Here’s what they have to say about the free soft synth:

After seven years of faithful service, the time has come to set the bird free. Firebird itself has become vintage and even though it’s no longer profitable to remain a commercial product, we feel that more people should deserve an opportunity to enjoy this sometimes heavily underestimated synthesizer.

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RayBlaster Impulse Modeling Synthesizer

Tone2 has introduced RayBlaster – a new software synth, for Mac & Windows, that uses an unusual approach to synthetic sound generation, Impulse Modeling Synthesis (IMS):

Here’s what they have to say about Impulse Modeling Synthesis:

Conventional synthesizers use a looped waveform as the oscillator source, which is then filtered to create your sound, this is known as substractive synthesis.

RayBlaster employs a completely new approach to sound generation, creating its characterful sound from many short bursts of energy, combined to form a more complex sound.This innovative and unique approach to synthesis is very close to what happens within the human inner ear, sounds more authentic and gives you access to a wide range of sounds.

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Tone2 Firebird+ ‘Wireless’ Patch Bank Released.

Developer Jeff Rhodes has released Wireless, a new soundset for Tone 2 Firebird+ synthesizer.

Here’s what Rhodes has to say about Wireless:

Wireless is a collection of Tone2 Firebird+ synth patches : they were made while I was working on the Experimental Dubstep, and Ambient Glitch Vol 4-5-6 loop sample collection series. So if you’ve heard those, then you know what kind of digital aggression to expect. And if you haven’t, then check out the brand new demo track for the set : made by Please note that the demo mp3 contains beat loops found in the Perimeter Sound Bio-Mechanic Beats loop sample set.

Wireless is good for use in the following genres – Industrial, Glitch, Dubstep, Ambient, Metal, Cinematic, and any other genres than call for heavy and often times dirty gritty and distorted sounds.

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Tone2 Saurus Review – ‘It’s A Beast’, But Doesn’t Hammer Your CPU

YouTube Preview Image

Tone2 recently released a new software synthesizer for Mac & Windows, Saurus.

According to Tone2, Saurus is ‘not just another synthesizer with character, but one that truly represents the analog sound.’

Does it deliver?

Here’s a video review of Saurus, via JK Swopes of Sounds & Gear. His bottom line?

“This thing is a best! It doesn’t sound like one specific analog synth, it really has it’s own sound, but that sound is definitely analog.”

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New Video Series, Project: INIT, Explores Synthesis & Sound Design

YouTube Preview Image

Synthesist Mark Mosher has announced a new video series that will take a real-time look at sound design:

In the videos I will offer real-time behind-the-patch footage taking you on sound design missions from INIT using a variety of sonic weapons. By simply coming along for the ride you’ll learn more about synthesis and how to make unique sounds for your productions.

A variety of synthesizers will be used focusing mainly on synths that offer interactive visual feedback making it easier for you to connect with the concepts. Don’t worry if you don’t own the exact synth – watch anyway – as concepts & techniques are most likely transferable to most synths and if nothing else I hope to spark some ideas for you.

So, for up-and-coming synthesists and producers the videos will help you grok the world of synthesis in less time. For seasoned synthesists and producers these videos will serve as inspiration for new ideas and help you learn your way around the featured synths more quickly.

The first video in the series, embedded above, explores working with Tone2 ElectraX.

Tone2 Saurus Synthesizer Review

Tone2 Saurus is a new software synthesizer for Mac & Windows, that its creators say is ‘not just another synthesizer with character, but one that truly represents the analog sound.’

Does Saurus sound as great as the gratuitously sexy 3D rendering, above, suggests?

Tom Shear at Waveformless has an early review of the new synth, and he came away pleasantly impressed:

Saurus is proof that your first impressions aren’t always correct.  The abundance of modern sounding presets Saurus ships with mislead me to think this was just another bog standard virtual analog. If you know what you’re doing, though, you’ll find there are lots of convincing analog tones in here waiting to be discovered.

So how does it compare to other contenders, such as Strobe or DIVA?  I’d say it’s not quite at the level of those two, but it’s damn good, cheaper than either of those, and less of a hit to the CPU.

See Sheer’s full review for the details and the Tone2 site for audio examples or to download the demo version.