Wave Alchemy Announces Transistor Revolution For Kontakt

Transistor Revolution 909

Wave Alchemy has announced Transistor Revolution – a new Kontakt re-creation of the iconic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines.

Transistor Revolution uses a custom user interface combined with Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5’s advanced sampling engine and over 22,000 drum samples. Transistor Revolution also mirrors the design of the original (hardware) TR-808 and TR-909 front panels.

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Analog Techno Improvisation

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Sunday Synth Jam: Analog techno improvisation, via YA YU, featuring Roland TB-303, TR-808, TR-909, Moog Minimoog, Analog Solutions Vostok, EMS VCS3, Korg SQ10, Sherman Filterbank 2 and more.

DM1 iPad Drum Machine Gets Major Update (Sneak Preview)

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Fingerlab has announced a major update to its DM1 iPad drum machine:

DM1 now comes with 2 new super cool tools “The Randomizer” and “The Automation” for instant and fun beat making. Patterns are now also expandable to 32 Steps for extra creativity. We have added 24 new drum kits. As well as AudioCopy, WIST synchronisation between two iPads, MIDI In and more cool features. Yes, it is a big update!

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What’s The Best Distortion Pedal For TR-909 Kicks?

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What’s the best distortion effect for great kick drum sounds?

One way to find out would be to obsessively test 13 distortion pedals with a Roland TR-909 drum machine – which is exactly what Gear Fiend Mitch Wells did.

He ran a TR-909 bass drum through these 13 effects pedals, some of which are straight ahead distortion effects and others that focus on fuzz, filtering and lo-fi distortion:

  1. Dunlop Fuzz Face
  2. Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff with Top Boost
  3. Maxon OD-9
  4. Boss OS-2
  5. Boss DS-1
  6. Boss DS-2
  7. Pro Co RAT
  8. Tech 21 VT Bass
  9. MXR Bass D.I. +
  10. Electro-Harmonix English Muff’n
  11. Moog Moogerfooger Lowpass Filter
  12. Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi
  13. Elektron SidStation
The 13 pedals deliver a huge variety of effects. Which one do think delivers the best results?

Roland TR-909 Drum Machine vs iPad NineOnine Virtual Drum Machine

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Hardware vs software: Ryan Halifax created this head-t0-head comparison of the classic Roland TR-909 drum machine and its virtual recreation for the iPad, NineOnine.

“Of course, the Roland TR909 has a wider range compared to the iPad version,” notes Halifax. “But come on: $1.99 to $1199.00!”

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TechnoBox2 A Virtual Techno Studio (Sneak Peak)

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AudioRealism has introduced technoBox2 – the next version of their virtual techno studio, technoBox.

technoBox2 adds user-requested features, including dual TB-303 bassline synths and drum machines, support for exporting recordings of songs and SoundCloud integration.

Other cool features:

  • The drum machines now allow you to load your own samples (via iTunes documents).
  • technoBox2 runs on iPad and retina displays with crisp native resolution.
  • It features the same audio engine as ABL2, which features aliasing-free oscillators and full range non-linear filters.
  • The newly redesigned FX panel now allows effects to be set on any or all of the four machines.
  • A performance page has been added which allows access to the most commonly used controls on one page.

technoBox2 is available now in the app store.

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ReBirth For iPad A Techno Studio For $14.99

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Propellerhead Software today released Rebirth For iPad (App Store link) – the original virtual techno music studio, reincarnated for the iPad.

The world of iPad music software has really heated up in the last month, and ReBirth For iPad demonstrates that another major electronic music software manufacturer is taking the platform seriously. It follows on ReBirth For iPhone – which was interesting as a proof of concept, but ultimately fiddly in use because of the iPhone’s screen size.

Here’s what Propellerhead has to say about ReBirth For iPad:

Propellerhead Software’s legendary Techno Micro Composer has been resurrected and customized for the iPad.

ReBirth faithfully emulates dance music’s three backbone devices: The Roland TB-303 Bass synth and the Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines. Combine these with FX units, fully featured pattern sequencers and a gorgeous-looking interface and you’re ready to make killer tracks on your iPad.

Share your music with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more using the built in sharing features.

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Lego Drum Machine Demo Video

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Remember the amazing NXT-606 Lego Drum Machine?

Creator PeterCocteau has put together a new video that explains in greater detail how his Lego drum machine works.

Features of the NXT-606 Lego Drum Machine:

  • Monophonic sample based drum machine
  • 24 percussion and Fx sounds
  • Sampling rate: 8Khz
  • memory: 96 measures
  • control: 2 rotation sensor +NXT buttons
  • hacked loud speaker to mono output: jack 6,35mm
  • Editor: NXT-G
  • Real time operation