Syntorial Puts Virtual Synthesizer Into Synthesis Training Program

Developer Joe Hanley has launched a KickStarter campaign for Syntorial – an interactive training program designed to help musicians program synth sounds faster and easier.

Handley says that Syntorial differs from other synth tutorials in two important ways:

  • It’s software. The current offerings of synth tutorials are either books, videos, articles or websites. While they can only present information, a program can interact with the user. And that’s just what Syntorial does. Through a series of challenges Syntorial gradually builds up your sound design skills so that by the end of the entire tutorial, you’re doing it.
  • Most tutorials focus on the technical ins-and-outs of synthesizers. Syntorial takes you through 58 different common synth parameters and trains your ear to instantly recognize how each one effects sound.

The deadline is Sep 22. It’s currently about 45% funded.

See the Syntorial Kickstarter site for details.

via Joe Hanley