69 Trance Presets For Sunrizer

trance-presets-sunrizerSynthesist Alba Ecstasy has released a new patch library for Sunrizer, 69 Trance Presets.

Here are the details:

69 patches for Sunrizer synthesizer for iPad (iPhone) TRANCE style: plucks, leads, vibrating pads. 100% royalty free!

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Can A Sequencer Replace Formulaic Dance Music Artists?


Mungo Enterprises – creator of the State Zero polyphonic modular synthesizer – created this unique sequencer, Infinite Horizon, that is designed to generate electronic dance music on the fly:

The basic concept behind it is that most “classic” dance music is so formulaic it should be easy for a computer to generate. Generating all patterns and sequences from a small set of rules the unit is able to deliver new and original tracks in realtime.

The original implementation ran autonomously but the tracks lacked the (often criticized as predictable) build up/down structure so critical in forming a flow. Rather than trying to implement such a complex concept in such a simple and elegant piece of code I decided this task should be performed by a human.

Here’s what it sounds like using a trance sound set:

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