Mordax Modular Data – A Eurorack Oscilloscope, Spectral Analyzer & More

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Mordax Modular introduced the Data – a ‘multifunction tool for Eurorack modular systems’.

In this video, Mordax’s Taylor Gehrts gives an overview of the module, shows several of its uses and explains how it’s being used in an example patch.  Continue reading

Tunable For Android & iOS

tunableDeveloper Affinity Blue has introduced a new app, Tunable, for Android and iOS.

Tunable is a chromatic tuner, tone/chord generator and metronome that helps musicians learn to play steadily, in tune, and on beat.

Featuring a unique tuning history display for visualizing pitch over time, Tunable is designed to be a toolkit for professional and beginning musicians. Continue reading

Tronical Shipping Powertune System

NAMM Show Update: Tronical is now shipping the world’s first compact automatic self tuning system for electric guitars: Powertune.

The Tronical Powertune System tunes electric guitars automatically. Shown as a technological preview at NAMM 2006 already this system is a groundbreaking innovation in the construction of traditional instruments.
The guitar that tunes itself automatically now becomes a reality. Perfectly tuned in seconds (re-tune in less than 2 seconds in fact!) at the touch of a button, virtually undetectable, even in front of the audience! All this happens with an accuracy that is beyond manual tuning (typically 0.2 cent!). What’s more, Tronical’s individual memory even takes peculiarities and the musician’s personal preferences into account. Pre-programmed or individually saved presets such as open tuning, or special grunge- and slide- settings can be recalled in seconds.

Tronical’s Powertune is a modular system that can be retro-fitted to virtually any available guitar make or model, without the need for destructive rebuilding or re-working. The guitar can also be returned to its original state at any time, if needed.

Continue reading

iRocker Puts Tuner on Your iPod

iRockerTalking Panda has introduced iRocker, a “guitar companion” that features a tuner, metronome and backing tracks for practicing.

The Virtual Chordbook displays chord diagrams on the iPod screen, showing the correct fingering for each chord. You can also pop in your earbuds and listen to chords as you work on your instrument. Virtual Chordbook offers over 200 essential chords — major, minor, suspended, diminished, and many more — You can write your own songs and learn your favorites.

Guitar tuner offers crystal clear recordings of a perfectly tuned guitar. Hear a perfect E and tune the E string of your guitar, all without carrying around a pitch pipe or tuner. For the pros, iRocker offers a variety of different tuning methods: Standard, Drop D, Half-Step Down, and many more.

iRocker’s Metronome ticks off at 10 different speeds, keeping you in perfect timing with every song you strum.

Riffs lets you play along with 5 different chord progressions. Practice your fundamental scales and rock an incredible solo over the blues and rock riffs.


  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later OR Windows 2000 or XP
  • iPod with dock connector on the bottom (including the iPod nano, iPod mini and the Click Wheel iPod).
  • NOT compatible with the iPod shuffle, or any iPod that was purchased before May 2003. This includes any iPod that has a wheel that physically moves or a direct firewire connection on the top.
  • 50 MB free space on the iPod
  • iTunes (version 4.7 or later required)

Source: Talking Panda

NAMM: Peterson Intros Strobostomp

Peterson Strobostomp2005 NAMM: Peterson has introduced the StroboStomp, designed to handles the rigors of gigging, but still offer the accuracy needed for performing intonation on guitar or bass.

Like the company’s classic and virtual strobe tuners, the StroboStomp has a scrolling readout which stops when it reaches a certain pitch, programmed into the tuner so that the scrolling real-time display will only come to a complete rest when the correct pitch has been reached. All Petersons are automatic, fully chromatic and real-time,.

The StroboStomp adds 100% True Bypass functionality enabling silent tuning and no tone loss when bypassed. The preset tunings are non-eraseable, so they are in the tuner permanently, but if you want to make your own presets, you can do that too by using two programmable presets called P-1 and P-2. It features 8 preset temperaments designed by Peterson and Buzz Feiten: Equal, BAS, GTR, BFE, BFA, BFB and two 12 string settings.

The StroboStomp also features a built-in active DI output, and can be powered by a 9 Volt battery or external power supply.

MSRP: $309.00.

For more information, visit the Peterson site.