The HC-TT Human Controlled Tape Transport Is Like The Love Child Of Turntablism + Musique Concrète


Developer Eric Pitra let us know about an interesting new instrument that he’s created for real-time performance with cassette tape.

The HC-TT Human Controlled Tape Transport is a compact cassette manipulation device that lets you play a cassette tape with your hand, similar to how you scratch a vinyl record.

Sound is only produced while your hand is turning the single black knob. By turning this knob you are rotating the cassette spindle moving the tape across the internal tape head.

It’s ike the love child of turntablism and musique concrète, letting you ‘scratch’ cassette audio recordings and more.  Continue reading

Native Instruments Intros Traktor Kontrol F1

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Native Instruments has announced Traktor Kontrol F1, a new USB MIDI controller, designed for controlling the new Remix Decks feature of Traktor Pro 2.5.

Remix Decks brings the clip-based sequencing of Ableton Live to Traktor, letting combine traditional turntable style DJing with live loop-based remixing.

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Serato Scratch Live 2.3 Now Out – Here’s What’s New

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Serato Audio Research has released Serato Scratch Live 2.3, a free update.

The update includes a number of new additions as well as a healthy dose of maintenance fixes.


  • Cue Point Labels.
  • 64-bit Drivers For Mac.
  • Better software THRU mode indication for the SL 2, SL 3 and SL 4.
  • Core Audio/ASIO drivers for the SL 3 and Sixty-Eight.
  • Improved Scratch Live user interface layout for minimum screen resolutions.
  • Added support for the Pioneer CDJ-350.
  • Added support for the Pioneer CDJ-850.
  • Support for all current Rane Scratch Live Hardware (SL 1, SL 2, SL 3, SL 4, TTM 57SL, Sixty-Eight).

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The History Of Modular Synthesizers (MIT Course)

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This video, via MIT, takes a look at the history of the modular synthesizer.

It captures a lecture by Prof. Christopher Ariza, from MIT’s Music and Technology (Contemporary History and Aesthetics).

Topics covered include:

  • The Modular Synthesizer: Overview
  • The RCA Synthesizer
  • RCA Synthesizer Mark I
  • Buchla 100 Series Modular Electronic Music System
  • Moog modular systems I, II, and II
  • Modular synthesizer concepts
  • Key synthesizers

A PDF is available that goes along with the lecture. Continue reading

Hybrid Midi Turntablism Demo

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Hybrid midi mode is a free firwmare download for the DN-S3700 & DN-S1200 players from the Denon DJ website. It supplies a constant clean timecode signal to Scratch Live in Hybrid Mode eliminating the need for timecode media.

In the video, UK DMC Champion JFB tests out Denon DJ’s new Hybrid Midi Mode with Serato Scratch LIve 2.1 and the Denon DN-S3700 CD decks, without timecode media.

Download and install Hybrid Midi Mode from these links:

Turntables Are Dead. Long Live Turntablism!

It looks like turntables are actually dead, for real this time.

Since the 70’s, the iconic Technics SL-1200 has been a standard among DJs.

Earlier in the week, we reported on the latest round of turntables are dead rumors. The rumor was that Panasonic was finally  killing off the classic Technics DJ turntable.

At the time, I said that “I’ll believe turntables are finally dead when there’s a statement like this on an actual Panasonic or Technics site – and when they pry my Technics can’t-afford-an-SL-1200MK2 second-string turntable out of my cold, dead hands.”

Unfortunately – the website for Panasonic Japan now actually shows the Technics SL-1200 MK6 as discontinued.

They haven’t pried my second-string Technics turntable out of my cold, dead hands yet, though… Continue reading

How To DJ With A Candle

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You’ve heard of turntablism and you’ve probably heard of controllerism.

But what about candlism?

The Evolution Control Committee is conducting experiments on replacing turntables and DJ controllers with candles:

I had this idea for a while after making the VidiMasher 3000 (see our video demo on this channel) that the infrared lights that trigger it could be candles. One pair of dancers here had circular movements they were using, and I thought those might work with the candles as seen from overhead. This video shows my experiment with that, and what better circular movement to play with than a turntable… so I made one. A virtual one. Like, hold a candle, spin yourself around, and it translates into you scratching a turntable sound.

This may not be the most useful invention ever – but at least it’s fun. Continue reading