uPhase+ Pattern Phase Sequencer Now Available

Developer Gregorio Zanon has announced that uPhase+ – a pattern phase sequencer & synthesizer for iOS – is now available.

Zonon describes uPhase+ as ‘a door to Interactive Minimalism’. Here’s a demo of the app in action, being used for a cover of Steve Reich’s Piano Phase:

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uPhase+ Lets You Improvise With Phased Sequences

Developer Gregorio Zanon has announced uPhase+ – a new app for iOS that’s designed to let you improvise with phased sequences.

As shown in the above demo, uPhase lets you play sequences of different lengths against each other, creating complex patterns. This type of canonical phasing is a key element in Steve Reich’s early electronic and acoustic work.

To make things even more interesting, uPhase+ lets you distribute your sequences over a collection of networked iOS devices.

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